Your business idea

The conception stage of your business requires research and planning. You may start with many assumptions about what your business will be, where it will be, and who your customers will be, but conducting research may challenge those assumptions and lead you to a more solid starting point. 

There are many resources and service providers that can help you every step of the way.

  • Business Model Canvas is a lean start-up tool that will help you get your ideas on paper and guide you to the next step.
  • Your research should use a number of sources to prove to yourself and others that your business is a good idea and has a good chance for being a success, including these:
  • A business plan will guide you through the start-up phase and first three years of your business with projections for costs, revenue, and cash flow. It will include your marketing, staffing and financial plan. Build your business plan with help from these tools:
  • Financing options should be clearly outlined in your revenue model and financial forecasts so that investors and/or lending institutions will understand and support your plan for success. Check out some financial resources available here, and click here to inquire about resources and assistance for your small business. 


Take a Workshop!

Louisville Metro and its resource providers offer a broad array of business training and education programs. Click here for calendar and registration. 

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