Small business development

Small businesses drive the local economy, providing jobs and stability for families and accounting for approximately two-thirds of the jobs in our workforce. Small businesses also provide most of the necessary services in neighborhoods, improving the quality of life for those residents.

Starting a business in Louisville is easy! This comprehensive guide provides information and contacts for starting a business and developing a site in Louisville. There is no local business license required, so once you are registered with the Louisville Metro Revenue Commission, and Commonwealth of Kentucky, you are in business. 

Click here to inquire about resources and assistance for your small business. 

Assistance for all stages of business
We know that all businesses progress and phase over time, that's why we're ready to assist you in all stages of business development. Here you will find information and resources to help start or grow your business. Whether you are a sole proprietor, a start-up with 1 employee, or an established business with multiple employees, you can receive one-on-one assistance. In coordination with our community resource providers, we can help you develop business and financial plans, receive mentoring from experienced business owners, and identify potential sources of financial assistance. 

Find your stage of business:

Interested in doing business with Louisville Metro?
In addition to assisting businesses with starting, growing and finding other businesses with which to do business, we also want to encourage local businesses to do business with Louisville Metro. Click here to register as a vendor.
Are you eligible for Business Enterprise Certification?
Visit the Human Relations Commission to pre-qualify and certify your business, and the Purchasing office to register your business to receive notifications of bid opportunities.

Meet the team!

Rebecca Fleischaker, Louisville, Louisville Forward, Louisville Metro Government, Economic Development, Small Business, Small Biz, Business Expansion, Business Retention Rebecca Fleischaker, Deputy Director
Rebecca oversees the support and cultivation of a small business support system to make Louisville a great place to do business.

Tommy Clark
Tommy Clark, 502.574.6822
Tommy focuses on Central and South Louisville, and specializes in real estate opportunities.

Christy Jarboe, Louisville, Louisville Forward, Small Business, Small Business Development, Highlands, Louisville Metro Government, Economic Development, Business PlanChristy Jarboe, 502.574.6235
Christy focuses on development in East and Northeast Louisville, and specializes in providing resources and information for aspiring entrepreneurs and experienced business owners.  


Scott Love, Small Business, Small Business Development, Louisville Forward, Economic Development, Louisville Metro Government, West LouisvilleScott Love, 502.574.1346
Scott focuses on small business development in West Louisville, and supports local entrepreneurial startup opportunities.


Jordan Turner, Small Business, Louisville, Louisville Forward, Economic Development

Jordan Turner, 502.574.1140
Jordan focuses on small business startup and development at the Nia Center Business Clinic.