Local loan programs

Louisville Metro Government's economic development team administers local incentives and loan program, which assists with start-up capital, working capital, capital improvements to commercial and public properties, and helps low and moderate income individuals start a microbusiness or improve a existing one.
Click here to download a PDF of our local loan programs. 
Business Accelerator Loan
The Business Accelerator Loan is offered to new and expanding small business owners in the nine neighborhoods of west Louisville to expand available services and products. Loans of up to $50,000 are available for business owners who have credit or banking barriers. No collateral required; loan is offered at 8% interest rate. Click here to view the Business Accelerator Loan flyer. 
Louisville Agribusiness Loan
The Louisville Agribusiness Loan is a low-interest tool used to assist businesses that are located in the Portland neighbrhood and are processing food grown by Kentucky farmers. Loans are offered at minimum of 3% interest rate, up to $100,000.
Midi Loan
The Midi Loan provides start-up or expansion funds to small business owners. This loan is offered at a minimum of 5% interest rate, and amounts range from $15,000 to $50,000.
Gap Financing Loan
This loan provides up to 25% of project costs for eligible small businesses and can be increased to 50% for minority and woman-owned businesses. Maximum loan amount of gap financing is $200,000. This loan can be financed up to 10 years at a minimum rate of 5%.
Go Green Loan
This loan helps businesses increase energy efficiency and/or create “green” jobs. These loans can be used for energy-efficiency upgrades or businesses creating green products or services. Loans are offered at minimum of 3% interest rate.
Façade Loan
The loan is available to commercial property owners who revitalize neighborhood commercial corridors in Louisville. Façade loans are awarded for exterior property improvements, including window and door replacements, storefronts, masonry repair, siding, painting, carpentry, signage, and landscaping, and are offered at fixed rate of 3% over 10 years.
Accessibility Loan
Accessibility loans are offered to commercial property owners citywide for the purpose of making buildings more accessible to people with physical disabilities. Loans are limited to $15,000 for exterior or interior accessibility improvements and are loaned at a maximum of 100% of the total approved project at a fixed interest rate of 3%. 
Properties and businesses in Metro Council District 8 may be eligible for additional loan funds through the District 8 Accessibility Loan Program, which was created and funded by District 8 Councilman Brandon Coan.
Commercial Renovation Loan 

This loan provides financing for the renovation of commercial properties that have been vacant for a significant amount of time and are in a state of disrepair. Without improvements to the structure, it would be unsuitable for resale, for lease, or for a business to utilize the property for the operation of their business. The loan will be collateralized by a mortgage on the improved property, but other collateral may be used in place of or in addition to the improved property as approved by the METCO Board. 

Brownfield Cleanup Loan Program (BCLP)
This loan allows brownfield property owners and prospective purchasers to clean brownfield properties and return them to productive use. BCLP provides low-interest financing only for the environmental cleanup portion of the costs of a real estate redevelopment project on a brownfield site. 

The Metropolitan Business Development Corporation (METCO) governs metro government’s small business loans and provides financial assistance through commercial loans for new and expanding businesses, including façade, accessibility, and gap financing loans. These loans are evaluated based on project cost and fund availability, with a variety of interest rates depending on the loan program.
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The METCO board meets on the fourth Thursday of each month. Meetings are at 9 a.m. at the offices of Louisville Forward, located at 444 S. 5th St., 6th floor. The meeting schedule for 2020 is April 23, May 28, June 25, July 23, August 27, September 24, October 22 and December 10. View the meeting minutes.
For more information, contact Brenda Hyatt or call (502) 574-4140.