Impound Lot Relocation RFI

This Request for Information (“RFI”) is intended to help Louisville Metro Government (“LMG”) identify properties that could be suitable for the relocation of its Impound Lot, currently located at 1478 Frankfort Avenue in the Butchertown neighborhood (the “Lot”). The Lot is operated by the Louisville Metro Police Department, and has been at this location for at least 50 years. It serves as the main temporary storage area for cars towed from throughout the city, and as longer-term storage for cars being held as evidence in a legal proceeding.

Most vehicles towed as a result of vehicle abandonment or for parking violations related to restrictions on parking during peak commuting times come from the Urban Services District. Large and heavy vehicles are not currently stored at the Lot due to site limitations. Nearly all LMG-owned towed or inoperable vehicles are located at LMG’s Newburg Road storage garage. 

Louisville Metro Government Impound Lot

                                                                                                         (Louisville Metro Government Impound Lot)

The Lot accommodates around 1,800 vehicles at full capacity, but is too small to meet current towing and storage needs. The Lot frequently stores in excess of 2,000 vehicles. A portion of the Lot is located in the regulatory floodplain of the Beargrass Creek, and a large portion of the Lot is owned by Louisville Gas & Electric (“LG&E”) and encumbered by an easement related to a high tension power line that crosses the property. At least a portion of the Lot covers a former landfill.

LMG is interested in identifying potential alternative locations for the Lot in order to meet current and future towing and storage demands, incorporate environmental best management practices in design and operation, improve operational efficiency for employees and the public, and provide a more functional workplace for LMG staff based at the Lot.

LMG will conduct at least three (3) public meetings to provide information about the operational and locational needs for the Lot, and to collect public input that may be helpful in identifying a new location for the Lot. 

LMG will offer two tours of the Lot on February 15, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. and February 19, 2018 at 12:00 p.m.. Individuals interested in touring the Lot should contact Lt. Colonel Robert Schroeder no later than February 12, 2018 for the first tour, and no later than February 16, 2018 for the second tour at the email address provided below.

Following the close of this RFI, LMG will engage in a preliminary review of all responses received. During this process, LMG may reach out to one or more respondents to gather additional information or seek clarification on one or more elements of a response.


Impound lot environmental test results

Louisville Metro Codes of Ordinances re: towing

Kenticky Revised Statutes re: impoundment 

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Impound Lot Public Comments

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