Economic Dashboard

Louisville is in an economic renaissance with outstanding job growth, new business creation, and billions of new capital investment. Louisville's growth story also includes maintaining a high quality of life, affordable cost of living, and a cost competitive business environment. We believe in bringing everyone along for the ride, because we do not succeed unless everyone among us succeeds.

Louisville Forward, the city's economic and community development organization, provides concierge project management to help every aspect of a company’s decision to locate and grow. Since its creation in 2014, Louisville Forward has located projects representing more than 28,000 new jobs and $7 billion in investment. In total, Louisville had more than $17 billion in projects announced, constructed or underway since 2014.

On our dynamic economic dashboard, you can find out more about Louisville's economy, livability, labor market, transit, and equity. See more statistics like the one below here.


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You can also view a snapshot of Louisville’s quarterly economic statistics in the reports below.

Fourth Quarter 2019

First Quarter 2020

Second Quarter 2020