Center City

The city signed the local participation agreement with Center City master developer Cordish Cos. in December 2007 and the development agreement in 2008. Metro Council approved an ordinance to establish a development area in September 2007. In December 2014, however, the rights perscribed to Cordish in the development agreement were extinguished and transferred to Omni Louisville.

Because TIFs cannot be transferred between parties, Omni Louisville had to apply for its own TIF. A local participation agreement approving the new TIF was signed in 2015.

TIF Agreement (Cordish)

TIF Agreement (Omni Louisville)

Extinguishment of Rights in the Development Agreement with Cordish and Transfer of Rights to Omni Louisville

Development Agreement

Council ordinance to establish Central Downtown Revitalization District development area (Ord. No. 179, Series 2007)

Council ordinance to expand development area to include Omni Louisville (Ord. No. 005, Series 2015)

TIF district map