Business Clusters

With its high quality of life and low cost of doing business, Louisville is home to many small and large companies which experience success in their industries. Because of our growth and business to business relationships in certain industries, Louisville's economic development efforts focus on five strong business clusters.

  •  Advanced Manufacturing - Forbes has called Louisville a manufacturing “boomtown” two years in a row
  • Business Services - includes back office operations to high-end consulting
  • Food and Beverage - we are home to companies, ranging from bourbon to the nation's largest restaurant headquarters to a vibrant locally-owned restaurant scene
  • Louisville has the largest concentration of Lifelong Wellness and Aging Care companies in the nation
  • Logistics - Louisville is within a day's drive of 2/3 of the U.S. population, and with the UPS WorldPort air hub, we provide an ability to get products to almost anywhere in the world overnight. For more information, please contact us or call one of our project managers to help you.​

Meet our team!

Scott Herrmann, Director, Economic Development, Louisville Forward
Scott Herrmann, Director
Scott oversees the economic development arm of Louisville Forward and works daily to attract new companies to Louisville, as well as expansions of businesses already located in our city. He also directs the Business Cluster team. 
Rebecca Fleischaker
Rebecca Fleischaker, Deputy Director
Rebecca oversees and supports programs and initiatives designed to support new investment, business support, and job creation and retention in Louisville. She also directs the Small Business Development team. 
Food and Beverage, Louisville Forward, Economic Ddevelopment, Brittany Allison, Bourbon
Brittany Allison, 502.574.1343
Brittany specializes in working with businesses in the Food and Beverage sector, and serves as Louisville Forward's Executive Bourbon Steward. 
Sierra Enlow, Economic Development, Louisville Forward, Business Services, Louisville, Louisville Metro
Sierra Enlow, 502.574-4596
Sierra specializes in working with businesses in the Business Services sector, and serves as the representative for the Kentucky Association for Economic Development (KAED) Board of Directors. 

Benjamin Moore
Benjamin Moore, 502.574.1379
Ben specializes in working with businesses in the Logistics and eCommerce sector, as well as the Louisville Film Commission. 
Matt Yates
Matt Yates, 502.574.3730
Matt specializes in working with comanies in the Advanced Manufacturing sector, and supports economic development of business in the Logistics and eCommerce sector.
Gloria Fuqua
Gloria Fuqua, 502.574.1526
Gloria specializes in Workforce Development for all business clusters and coordinates the Louisville Sells program.