COVID-19 Testing

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COVID-19 Test




  • Anyone who is unvaccinated should get tested weekly, especially if they are going in to work, travelling, attending gatherings or indoor events where you don’t know whether or not everyone else is vaccinated.
  • Anyone vaccinated or unvaccinated who has symptoms:  ever, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, chills, muscle pain, headache, new loss of taste or smell, vomiting or diarrhea, sore throat, congestion or runny nose. Contact your healthcare provider about scheduling a test.


COVID-19 Viral Testing Tool

Coronavirus Self-Checker is a tool to help you make decisions on when to seek testing and appropriate medical care. The tool helps individuals determine what type of test they should seek. After test results are in, the tool can help interpret test results and guide next steps.




The COVID-19 Viral Testing Tool is an interactive web tool designed to help both healthcare providers and individuals understand COVID-19 testing options. This tool helps healthcare providers quickly access the most relevant, actionable information to determine what type(s) of COVID-19 testing they should recommend to patients. The tool helps individuals determine what type of test they should seek. After test results are in, the tool can help interpret test results and guide next steps. 

 The online, mobile-friendly tool asks a series of questions, and provides recommended actions and resources based on the user’s responses.  



Testing Through Your Health Care Provider

Currently all Louisville hospitals and health systems are offering testing for their patients. If your doctor is affiliated with one of these health systems or healthcare providers, they can test you if you need it.

Norton Health Care

Find a testing site online

U of L Health

Find a testing site online

Baptist Health

Find a testing site online 

Family Health Centers

Find a testing site online
Register by phone: 502-772-8301

Park DuValle Community Health Centers

Appointment Necessary: 9 am - 12 pm

  • 3015 Wilson Ave, Louisville, KY 40211
    Resister by phone: 502-774-4401
  • 425 W. Broadway, Louisville, KY 40203
    Resister by phone: 502-584-2992
  • Hikes Lane, Louisville, KY 40218
    Resister by phone: 502-479-8930

Visit Our Website

North Clark Medical Group

Register Online
For questions regarding COVID-19, please call 812-288-2488

Hope Wellness Center

Appointment Necessary:

2600 W. Broadway, Suite 208, Louisville KY 40211
Register by phone: 502-618-0543
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Pearl Medical

Appointment Necessary:

2202 Buechel Avenue, Louisville, KY 40218 
Resister by phone: 502-456-0494 
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Testing Sites for General Public

Family Health Centers

Find a testing site online
Register by phone: 502-772-8301

SV Diagnostics

These two testing sites will be administering saliva test only:

  • Jefferson Community & Technical College (JCTC) 
    109 E. Broadway, Louisville, KY 40202

    Monday-Friday, 8 am - 6 pm | Saturday, 8 am - 1 pm
    Register Online
    Register by phone: 859-203-1460
    • Walk-ins welcome, however we recommend to pre-register in order to reduce wait times. 
    • PLEASE NOTE: Uninsured patient’s are billed to the HSRA cares act, part of the federal relief fund passed by congress in 2020.
  • Shops at Forest Springs
    12450 LaGrange Road, Louisville, KY 40245
     Monday-Friday, 8 am - 6 pm | Saturday 8 am -1pm
    Register Online
    Register by phone: 859-203-1460
Kroger Little Clinics

Find a testing site online

  • Walk-ins welcome, however we recommend to pre-register
  • All Sites Operate Monday-Friday, 8:30 am - 7:30 pm | Saturday, 8:30 am - 5 pm
Republic Bank Foundation YMCA

Drive thru testing, Appointment Necessary:

1720 W. Broadway, Louisville, KY 40203
Register Online
Register by phone:
 502-861-4611, option 1

  • ​Tuesday, am - 12 noon 
  • Thursday, 3 pm - 7 pm
  • Saturday, 8 am - 12 noon
Norton Respiratory Illness Center

Drive thru testing, Appointment Necessary:

2949 Breckenridge Lane, Louisville, KY 40220
Register Online
Register by phone: 
502-861-4611, option 1

NuLease Medical

5722 Outer Loop, Louisville, KY 40219
Monday-Thursday, 8 am - 5:30 pm | Friday, 8 am - 4 pm. 
Register by phone:  502-492-7455

  • Medicare, Medicaid and Insurance are accepted for testing - no copay
  • $135.00 for RNA Nasal Swab
  • $85 for the blood antibody test
  • Walk-ins welcome, however we recommend to pre-register
U of L Health

Find a testing site online


Drive thru testing, Appointment Necessary:
Register Online or through the CVS app on a mobile phone.

Walgreens – Provided by Norton Prompt Care

Appointment Necessary:
Weekend and evening appointments available
Register Online


For JCPS students, family members, faculty, and staff only.

Appointment Necessary:

Register Online

Strickland, Cox and Associates Primary Care Office

225 North Clifton Ave. Ste 7, Louisville, KY, 40206

Monday-Friday 10 am - 5 pm walk-ins



To help stop the spread of COVID-19, take these 3 key steps NOW while waiting for your test results:

  • Stay home and monitor your health:
    • Stay home and monitor your health to help protect your friends, family, and others from possibly getting COVID-19 from you.
  • Think about the people you have recently been around:
    • If you are diagnosed with COVID-19, a public health worker will call you to check on your health, discuss who you have been around, and ask where you spent time while you may have been able to spread COVID-19 to others. While you wait for your COVID-19 test result, think about everyone you have been around recently. This will be important information to give health workers if your test is positive.
  • Answer the phone call from the health department:
    •  If a public health worker calls you, answer the call to help slow the spread of COVID-19 in your community.
      • Discussions with health department staff are confidential. This means that your personal and medical information will be kept private and only shared with those who may need to know, like your health care provider.
      • Your name will not be shared with those you came in contact with. The health department will only notify people you were in close contact with (within 6 feet for more than 15 minutes) that they might have been exposed to COVID-19. More information on contract tracing below.



If you test positive, there is a short window of time to pinpoint who else might have the virus before they could get sick and, sometimes seriously ill requiring hospitalization. If you identify who you were in contact with, you can stop the virus in its tracks and help protect your family, friends and loved ones.

Doctors, nurses and health care workers are putting their lives at risk to care for people who need it. They need our help. Contact tracing stops more people from getting sick, so hospitals don’t get crowded, doctors and nurses can stay safe, and every patient gets the attention they need.

Please answer the call from our contact tracers and care advocates. LOU HEALTH will show up on your caller ID.

You don’t have to wait for us to call. If you have recently tested positive or are waiting for test results, or if you were in close contact with someone who tested positive and you aren’t sure what to do, call the LOU HEALTH COVID-19 Helpline: 502-912-8598. The helpline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Language translation services are available. See facts about contact tracing.



Download The Application
  • Louisville Metro Government has issued two Executive Orders pertaining to testing, EO-20-004 and EO-20-005.
  • EO-20-004 requires any entity wishing to offer pop-up testing or drive-through testing submit a detailed application prior to providing any testing. The application must be approved by the Department of Public Health & Wellness before testing can begin. Applicants are required to submit medical licensing, test product and analysis information, safety and personal protective equipment (PPE) plans, traffic plans, communications plans and any other information requested to ensure validity of the testing and safety precautions. Additionally, all testing must be performed by appointment — no unscheduled drive-up testing — and follow FDA approval guidelines.
  • This order was intended to ensure the safety of residents, prevent predatory testing operations, and provide Louisville the authority to stop testing by non-medical professionals or those that create a public health risk. This approval does not excuse the operators from ensuring all other appropriate rules, laws, and regulations are followed.
  • EO-20-004 does not apply to hospitals or doctor’s offices offering testing as part of a physician’s treatment plan.
  • To ensure public safety, EO-20-005 requires all testing operators register with Louisville Metro Government and submit a traffic safety plan to be approved before testing can begin. This Order applies to all hospitals, doctors’ offices, universities, and anyone else attempting to register pop-up or drive-through testing sites. This is a quick process, using a Temporary Activity Application through Louisville Metro Planning and Design. This Order’s primary focus is to provide situational awareness for Louisville Metro Government and to ensure public and traffic safety.

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