Land Development Code Reform

The Land Development Code (LDC), which provides the zoning regulations for Louisville Metro, is often amended. Planning & Design Services is currently reviewing the Land Development Code to find ways to modernize development regulations and ensure that they are equitable and improve the quality of life of all Louisville Metro citizens. The following initiatives and reports are related to that effort.

Please click here to read the press release concerning Louisville Metro's intent to conduct a full scale equity review of the Land Development Code.

Land Development Code Diagnosis

Prepared by Opticos Design, a Berkley based consultant group, this report provides a diagnosis of the current Land Development Code. Opticos Design specializes in creating strategic solutions to address the most challenging housing and community issues of our time, including attainable housing and equitable development practices. Many elements within the Land Development Code have not been revised since the early 1960s and no longer support current city needs. The findings of the evaluation conducted by Opticos Design revealed several components of the Land Development Code that restrict inclusive development styles and limit the types of housing that can be built within Louisville Metro. Some of these discrepancies include parking requirements, minimum lot sizes, floor area ratios, excessive single-family zoning, and deficient density allotments.

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Advancing Equity

It is crucial in planning for an equitable future that Louisville Metro attains a greater understanding of its past and grows from both its intentional and unintentional missteps in policy decisions. This report was a collaborative effort of Develop Louisville completed in the spring of 2019. It identifies development policies and practices that exacerbate inequity and place barriers on the attainment of wealth. In addition, it explores topics of exclusionary zoning, parking, economy, accessibility, and contracts in current and historic policy and practice. Plan 2040, a review of planning best practices, and empirical evidence guide recommendations to advance equitable development through land use policy changes.

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