Tips For Your Forest Field Trip

Here are some guidelines to help you when planning your trip and make your visit to the Forest a fun learning experience. If you have any questions please call the Welcome Center at 368-5404, Ext. 0.

Before the Trip

  • A confirmation packet should arrive within 5 to 7 business days of making your reservation. The packet will include: a letter confirming the details of your trip, invoice, directions to the Forest, and a waiver form that is to be filled out by the parents of all students that are participating in the trip. Any parents that will be participating in the program need to fill out a waiver for themselves as well.
  • Approximately two weeks prior to your trip, your coordinating instructor will call to discuss any questions or concerns that you have, ensure that you received a confirmation packet, record any health concerns or disabilities, and determine what specific expectations and goals you have for your group.
  • Try to schedule a time to come out to the Forest before the day of the field trip. You can familiarize yourself with the directions and have a better idea of how long the drive will take. A pre-visit trip will also familiarize you with the area and the facilities.
  • Prepare nametags for the students. These should include the teacher's name and school. Review with students the importance of the tags and remind them not to discard their nametags in the Forest.
  • Review Forest etiquette with your students. Stress the importance of staying with and behind their program instructor at all times. It is important to be respectful and listen to the program instructor. Make sure that children understand that although they will be outside, they are entering the homes of other creatures, and they should be mindful not to disturb them with loud voices.
  • Check with parents regarding any allergies or health concerns the child may have such as asthma. Make sure the children bring with them any needed medications such as their inhaler or epi-pen, and that they know how to use it correctly. Parents may accompany their child. We strive to include all children with any health and/or physical ability needs. Your coordinating instructor will work with you to accommodate any special needs your students may have.
  • Make sure that you have enough chaperones so there is no less than one adult per 10 children. Inform parents of the physical nature of this field trip. There may be hiking involved for periods of 45 minutes to an hour and a half, some of which could be uphill and may be considered strenuous for those not used to physical exertion or who have specific health concerns.
  • Please inform parents that the majority of the time spent on this field trip will be outside. Parents should make sure children are dressed appropriately for the weather and for the possibility of getting dirty. Children should also wear closed-toed comfortable walking shoes.

Pre-Trip Checklist:

  • Have waiver forms signed for each student and chaperone participating in the program.
  • Name tags - include teacher's name and school.
  • Directions to the Forest for the Bus drivers (Copies made for any parents that will be driving separately).
  • Medical information and/or medication for any students with allergies or health concerns.
  • Students divided into groups that meet the Forest's student to leader ratio.
  • Chaperones assigned to the groups.
  • Have waiver forms ready to hand to the Program Instructor as you get off the bus.