Social Studies and Multidisciplinary Programs

Kentucky’s First People

Grades 4-8
Experience, hands-on, the technology and complexity of daily life of the first people of Kentucky. Can cover any time period from the Paleo-Indians to the historic tribes of Kentucky. SS-04-2.1.1 , SS-04-2.3.1, SS-EP-5.2.2 ,  SS-04-5.2.2

Bring a Book to Life

Grades 3-7
Truly one of a kind, this program immerses students in the actual experiences of the characters from three Newbury Honor Books: Jean Craighead George’s My Side of the Mountain (gr. 4-6); Gary Paulsen’s Hatchet (gr. 4-7); and Elizabeth George Speare’s Sign of the Beaver (gr. 3-6). Identify wild edibles, build shelters out of materials gathered in the forest, learn how to build a fire with flint and steel, discover how to track animals, and more! For best experience, we recommend that students complete book prior to visit. RD-EP-2.0.5, SC-EP-3.4.1, SC-EP-3.4.4, SS-EP-4.4.1, SS-04-4.4.1, SC-04-4.6.5, SS-05-4.4.1,

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