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Louisville Parks’ mission is to create a city of parks where people can play, learn, grow and be healthy. This is accomplished by taking care of park properties, providing safe and diverse recreational programs, and by protecting these wonderful resources for current and future generations. Louisville Parks took a significant step forward in meeting its mission by creating the Natural Areas Division in 2004.

Based at the Jefferson Memorial Forest, the Natural Areas Division cares for park properties where nature is the focus. These areas include mature forests, lakes, wetlands, riparian areas, and meadows - places where one can experience the wonder of nature while hiking, fishing, horseback riding, birding, or simply relaxing.

Within these areas, it is the mission of the Natural Areas Division to offer the highest quality outdoor recreation, nature-based education, and resource management. Our philosophy is that outdoor recreation, environmental education and resource management activities should support and complement one another.

The Natural Areas Division is responsible for managing over 7,000 acres (over half of the entire acreage of all Metro Parks in Louisville) and nearly 60 miles of hiking and equestrian trails spread over six properties! Needless to say, we rely heavily on the support of hundreds of volunteers to meet our mission and therefore we invite you to learn more about how you can get involved with helping Louisville Parks meet its stewardship mission as well as make friends and have fun in the process! 

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In addition to Jefferson Memorial Forest, the Natural Areas Division manages:

For Questions please contact us at 502/368-5404 or email Jefferson Memorial Forest.