Monthly Internal Control Tip

Each month the Office of Internal Audit will issue an internal control tip to help Louisville Metro Government manage risk and improve internal processes. The internal control tips will include guidelines and best practices related to a variety of topics. A new tip will be placed on Louisville Metro Government's intranet home page at the beginning of each month. Monthly Internal Control Tips will also be cataloged and maintained on the Office of Internal Audit web site. For information regarding the Monthly Internal Control Tip, contact the Office of Internal Audit at (502) 574-3291 or via email.

The Monthly Internal Control Tip requires the Adobe PDF reader.


Fraud Awareness January 2018
Reconciliation Best Practices February 2018
Business Purpose Documentation March 2018
Louisville Metro Ethics Tipline April 2018
Tone at the Top May 2018



Cash Management Controls January 2017
Vendor Selection February 2017
Authorizations and Approvals March 2017
Adequate Documentation April 2017
Internal Audit Awareness May 2017
Risk Identification June 2017
Risk Profiling July 2017
Risk Assessment Employee Survey August 2017
Risk Assessment September 2017
FY 2018 Annual Audit Plan and Risk Assessment October 2017
Employee Exit Program November 2017
Evaluating Internal Controls December 2017



Ethical Behavior January 2016
Ethical Behavior II February 2016
Monitoring Design and Implementation March 2016
Policies and Procedures April 2016
Meet the Auditors May 2016
Louisville Metro Ethics Tipline June 2016
Audit Selection July 2016
Spreadsheet Controls August 2016
Reconciliation Best Practices September 2016
Incoming Mail Best Practices October 2016
Internal Audit Services November 2016
Fraud Triangle December 2016



Review and Approval Process January 2015
Asset Security February 2015
Segregation of Duties March 2015
Spreadsheet Controls April 2015
Social Media Risks May 2015
Preventive Controls June 2015
Detective Controls July 2015
Fraud Types August 2015
Fraud Triangle September 2015
Compensating Controls October 2015
Corrective Action Plans November 2015
Louisville Metro Ethics Tipline December 2015



Policies and Procedures April 2014
Risk Identification May 2014
Risk Profiling June 2014
Risk Assessment July 2014
Risk Response Strategy August 2014
Cash Management Controls September 2014
Reconciliation Best Practices October 2014
Louisville Metro Ethics Tipline November 2014
Incoming Mail Best Practices December 2014