Louisville Metro Ethics Tipline

If you ever have a concern regarding unethical activity, don't keep it to yourself.  Discuss it with the appropriate supervisory personnel.  

Or if you prefer to remain anonymous, choose one of these two reporting options: 

1) Call: 888-226-2264 or

2) To report online, click the Navex Global logo below.

To Report an Issue to the Ethics Tip Line Call 1 888 226 2264 or click here to report online

The Louisville Metro Ethics Tipline was established to provide employees and citizens a way to confidentially report concerns of unethical actions by Louisville Metro Government officials and employees.

The tipline is only for reporting unethical conduct by Louisville Metro employees, contractors, partners, and suppliers.  Prior to filing a report, please read about requirements and confidentiality.

The tipline is not intended to replace the following existing communications channels:

MetroCall 311 or 502-574-5000 - For general government services, information, and complaints. 

Police (502)574-LMPD / 502-574-5673 - For reporting information related to criminal activity that does not involve a Louisville Metro Government employee, contractor, or supplier. 

Other Commonly Used Numbers

Louisville Metro

Ethics Commission 502-574-6426

Human Relations Commission 502-574-3631

Human Resources 502-574-8100

Office of Internal Audit 502-574-3291

Worker’s Compensation Fraud 502-489-6211

Commonwealth of Kentucky 

Auditor of Public Accounts 800-592-5378

Welfare/Medicaid Fraud 800-372-2970

Worker’s Compensation Fraud 800-595-6053