New and Improved Business and Citizen Portals Coming June 19

Louisville Metro has officially launched our new and improved business and customer service portals!

  • Our Louisville Metro Business Portal is where you apply for permits & licenses for construction projects, you apply for business licenses, and applications for Planning & Design, Air Pollution Control and Public Works, to name a few. 
  • Our Metro311 Customer Service Portal is the online home for reporting issues to the city, from potholes to issues with street lights and property maintenance.
  • In addition, we have introduced a whole new 311 mobile app to report issues on the go. Just visit your app store and search for "Louisville Metro 311."

If you have support issues with any of our new tools, please reach out to:

  • Construction Review: (502) 574-3321
  • Codes & Regulations: (502) 574-2508 (Rental Registry accounts)
  • Public Works (Right of Way): (502) 574-3121
  • Planning & Design: (502) 574-6230
  • Special Events intake: 572-3467