Voting Rights Panel Discussion

On April 19, 2018, the Louisville Metro Human Relations Commission hosted a voting rights education panel held at the Louisville Urban League.  The event was introduced and moderated by Kendall Boyd, the Executive Director of the Louisville Metro Human Relations Commission. The selection of panelists featured Stella Dorsey, Lyndon Pryor, Raoul Cunningham, and Eric Graninger.

The purpose of this discussion was to provide information about individual voting rights prior to the Primary Election on May 22nd, as well as to bring awareness to the importance of voting and its impact on the health and well-being of communities within Jefferson County.  

Stella Dorsey is the Citizen Advocate for the Human Relations Commission. Dorsey discussed how voting is a privilege that has been taken for granted due to low voter turnouts, especially within minorities.

Lyndon Pryor is the Program Manager for Health Education and Policy at the Louisville Urban League. Pryor discussed how one’s health education affects voting within their community pertaining to every day matters such as employment, housing, and social groups.

Eric Graninger is an Assistant County Attorney. Graninger shared helpful tips about how voters can find out where they vote, what they need to take with them to the polls, and where they may can find a list of all the candidates in Jefferson County.

Raoul Cunningham is the President of the Louisville NAACP, as well as a Civil Rights icon. Cunningham discussed how the NAACP and the A. Philip Randolph Institute are devoted to encouraging voter education, registration, and participation by offering rides to the polls for every election.

In addition to the discussion, attendees were given the opportunity to register to vote onsite and see the new and simplified voting machines demonstrated by members of the Jefferson County Clerk’s Office. This event will be hosted again prior to the General Election on November 6, 2018. We will post this important date on our website as soon as it becomes available. In the interim, excerpts from the panel discussion and demonstration of the voting machines are posted below.