What to Do if Your Child Has Lead in Their Blood

Lead childGetting a test result back that says your child has lead in their blood can be confusing and frightening.

Here are some things you can do to help your child:

  • Clean windowsills, floors and walls frequently using a wet mop method
  • Wash their hands and faces often with soap and water
  • Also wash their toys frequently with soap and water, especially before meals, playtime, and bed
  • Keep them from putting their hands or other objects in their mouths
  • Make sure they get a healthy diet full of foods with vitamin C, iron and calcium
  • Use only cold water from the tap when preparing food or using for drinking water
  • Make sure you regularly take your child to your doctor’s office for their scheduled appointments
  • When outside, make sure they play in grassy areas instead of in bare dirt or mud

Here are some things you should try not to do:

  • Don’t let them chew on wooden or painted surfaces, ledges, or furniture
  • Don’t let them put toys or unwashed hands in their mouths
  • Don’t vacuum without using a HEPA certified vacuum that has a special filter for dust
  • Don’t let your children play in or eat dirt
  • Don’t burn any wood that may be painted or stained in a fireplace
  • Don’t use hot water from the tap to prepare food
  • Don’t allow children to play with items such as bullets, lead sinkers, stained glass, batteries, metal jewelry, and other hobby items
  • And finally, DO NOT do any home renovations or remediation without understanding the potential dangers of completing the work yourself or without having your home tested for lead by a certified company
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