Stop Smoking

Tobacco use is the most preventable cause of disease, disability, and death in America. Tobacco harms the people who use it and everyone who comes in contact with secondhand smoke. To make Louisville a healthier place to live we work to help people stop smoking. Each of these free and easy ways to quit uses nicotine replacement products, group support, or counseling.


There are many ways to quit today!

Classes with Peers  Online  Call or Text


The American Lung Association's Freedom From Smoking® (FFS) clinic is for adults who are ready to quit smoking. Because most people know that smoking is dangerous to their health, the program focuses on how to quit, not why to quit.

  • FFS consists of eight sessions led by a Lung Association-trained facilitator in a small-group setting (8 to 10 people).  Participants receive personalized attention and benefit from peer support.
  • FFS includes nicotine replacement therapy (gum, patches, and lozenges) and information about other smoking cessation medications such as Zyban® and Chantix®.
  • FFS has helped over a million Americans end their addiction to nicotine and begin smokefree lives. Freedom From Smoking® was ranked the most effective smoking cessation program in a study by Fordham University Graduate School of Business.
  • Learn more at the American Lung Association's Freedom From Smoking® website:

Your Next Steps: 




GIFTS - for Pregnant and Post-Partum Women

          GIFTS (Giving Infants and Families Tobacco-Free Starts) offers women support for smoking cessation during and after pregnancy. Call (502) 574-6318 for more information. You can receive a variety of resources like:

  • Educational materials and books.
  • Carbon monoxide monitoring.
  • Depression, social support and domestic violence screening and referrals.
  • Referrals for smoking cessation for household members.
  • Incentives for mom and baby.

Online Coaching: 

Quit Now Kentucky offers online quit tools, support from other tobacco users who are trying to quit, and other resources to make your quit attempt easier.

Freedom from Smoking Plus offers online, tablet and mobile friendly tools and strategies proven to help you quit. It's time to leave tobacco behind!



Phone and Text Coaching: 

 Call 1-800-QUIT NOW (1-800-784-8669) to get started. Phones are staffed by counselors trained to help smokers quit. They give information, advice, support, and referrals no matter where you live or what you language speak.  

SmokefreeTXT is a text messaging service designed for adults and teens that provides 24/7 encouragement, advice, and tips to help you quit smoking and stay quit. You can receive 1- 5 messages per day for 6 - 8 weeks.


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