Rules and Regulations


Kentucky Food Code

For more information on the food code please click here.


Tattoo and Body Art

The Department of Public Health & Wellness regulates, certifies and inspects all body art studios, including tattoo, permanent make-up, body and ear piercing.  We also register all body art artists in Louisville Metro.  Recently tattoos and body piercing have become mainstream and are viewed by enthusiasts as expressive forms of body art.  Louisville Metro has observed a gradual increase in certified studios over the past ten years.  We certify approximately 51 studios annually including over 302 registered artists. 

Click here to view regulations, certification, temporary studio, and artist registration.


Public Swimming Pools and Spas

The Division of Environmental Health and Protection’s sanitarians inspect 525 Public Swimming Pools in Metro Louisville at least twice every season. 122 Indoor Pools are inspected every 60 days. Inspections include verifying certified guards or attendants are on duty, turbidity, all equipment is working properly to  disinfect and filter the water, all safety equipment is on deck and in proper working order. We also collect water samples for bacteria testing. We enforce regulations passed by the State of Kentucky and the Metro Louisville Board of Health.  Click here to learn more.

Private Septic/Sewage Systems

Click here to view the environmental fees, requirements and homeowner's manual for sewage systems.