Quick Facts

Starting a mobile food service business can be complicated. We're trying to help! Here is a short list of things to know about properly permitting your business, employees and equipment!

  • All street vendors must comply with state and local requirements for business registration.
  • At a minimum, three permits are required to authorize Mobile Food Unit Vendors and employees to operate at compliant locations throughout Jefferson County.
    1. Mobile Food Unit Permit – Health/Plumbing Inspections (Learn more on our Process for Applying & Obtaining Permits section)
      • $200 annually (State food permit fee $120 + Local food permit fee $80 = $200)
      • Issued for the period of January 1 – December 31, not prorated
      • Valid state-wide
      • Requires a minimum of two inspections - a plumbing inspection and a food hygiene inspection.
      • Plumbing requirements include working with a KY certified master plumber, who will charge the vendor directly for services rendered.
      • This is a state-issued form and it is used for multiple types of food establishments, including buildings. Note that Mobile Food Unit Vendors are not required to fill out sections relevant to buildings.
    2. Vendor I.D. (PDF)
      • $50 annually, per employee in charge;
      • Issued for the period of April – March 31; not pro-rated
      • Valid within Jefferson County, KY.
    3. Vendor Permit (PDF)
      • $200 annually;
      • Issued for the period April 1 – March 31; not pro-rated.
      • Valid within Jefferson County, KY.
  • Each permit/license must be renewed annually.
  • Each mobile food unit must be licensed separately.
  • Each Mobile Food Unit Vendor must submit locations from which to conduct business. Additional locations may be submitted after the permitting process but no less than 10 hours before use.
  • Limits, restrictions and requirements exist for allowable locations:
  • Licenses and permits must be obtained for locations on both public and private property.
  • Additional permits are required for operating within Waterfront Park and within Metro Parks.  See Metro Parks Vending Permit Application (PDF). 
  • Mobile Food Units (Food Trucks) may not remain at one location longer than 14 consecutive days. After 14 days the unit must move and cannot return to the same location for 30 days

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