Office of Addiction Services

The Office of Addiction Services works to coordinate community resources to impact the opioid epidemic.  We foster a united community-wide approach among the various service providers and stakeholders to address the addiction epidemic.

Plans include:

  • Creating a comprehensive website that lists all available drug treatment services within our community
  • Providing education and outreach to future professionals through schools of medicine, nursing, social work etc.
  • Creating a Treatment Advisory group to promote the various types of treatment and work to remove barriers to treatment.   This group will also facilitate collaboration among treatment providers.
  • Developing an outreach team that will engage direct service providers like emergency rooms and hospitals to address the stigma of addiction as well as tackle overdose prevention through education.

The Office of Addiction Services also oversees the MORE Center and the Syringe Exchange Program

For more information about the Office of Addiction services contact Barbara Carter at 502.574-6989 or