Mosquito Fogging

Where are we fogging? Call the Mosquito Fogging Hotline 502-574-6641


Fogging operations are part of our Integrated Mosquito Management (IMM) plan. Fogging missions are scheduled on a case by case basis after evaluating a number of factors that include disease presence, mosquito population density, and special human population considerations. You can find the best ways to prevent mosquitoes here.

The LMPHW Mosquito Control Program team uses Zenivex, a synergized synthetic pyrethroid, using an ultra low volume fogging machine. This product offers a very low toxicity and odor. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Kentucky Department of Agriculture recognize pyrethroids as safe to use without posing unreasonabl risks to human health. Zenivex breaks down quickly in sunlight and does not have a residual effect.

Fogging occurs if disease is present or a high number of mosquitoes are found in a specific area.

  • Mosquito fogging takes place between dusk and dawn.
  • Fogging cannot be done if it is raining, if wind speeds exceed 10 miles per hour or if evening temperatures are below 65 degrees.
  • If fogging activities are cancelled due to weather conditions, they will be rescheduled for the next available weekday evening.

During fogging operations PLEASE:

  • Keep children away from the fogging vehicle.
  • Park your vehicle off the street when possible.
  • Do Not tailgate or follow the fogging vehicles.
  • Do Not stop the fogging truck while it is fogging.
  • Go inside and remain indoors while the fogging vehicle is in the neighborhood.

Click here to be alerted of fogging operations in your area and for other important community notification alerts.

To issue a mosquito complaint in your area dial 311 or (502) 574-6650.

To find out where and when we are fogging, call our mosquito hotline at (502) 574- 6641.

To add your name and address for no fogging please contact 502.574.6560.


We are currently fogging for mosquitoes in these areas:

2019 Mosquito Fogging Locations Areas

weather permitting

Fogging Area Boundaries 

October 23 - 31

East Broadway Half Mile

See Map

N-   E. Chestnut Street     

S-   E. Oak Street

E-   Shiller Street

W-  Interstate 65

September 30 - October 9

West Broadway Half Mile

See map

N- W. Muhammad Ali Boulevard     

S- Grand Street

E- 30th Street

W- 41th Street

September 26 - October 4 

Portland Half Mile

See map


N- Northwestern Parkway

S- W. Market Street

E- 20th Street

W- 29th Street

Week of September 23

Southern Heights Half Mile

See map

N- Watterson Expressway

S- Brookline Avenue

E- S. 5th Street

W- Hazelwood Avenue

Week of September 16

Irish Hill Area

N- E Washington St

S- Olive Hill Rd

W- So Wenzel St

E- Stoll Ave

Poplar Level Rd. Area

N- Hess Ln

S- Mercer Ave

E- Sheridan Ave

W- Chickidee Rd

Crescent Hill Area

N- Frankfort Ave

S- I-64

E- Pleasantview Ave

W- Crosshill Rd

Iroquois Area

N- Iroquois Ave

S- Wilderness Rd

E- Southside Drive

W- New Cut Rd

Riverpark Area

N- W. Market St.

S- Garland Ave.

E- 28th St.

W- 39th St

Churchill Downs Area

N- Central Ave

S- Watterson Expressway

E- Southern Parkway

W- Lester Ave

August 29 - September 5

Iroquios Area

N- Iroquois Ave

S- Wilderness Rd

E- Southside Dr

W- New Cut Rd

Wyandotte Area

N- Central Ave

S- Watterson Expressway

E- Southern Pky

W- Lester Ave

Portland Area

N- Northwestern Pky

S- W. Market St

E- 20th St

W- 29th St

River Park Area

N- W. Market St

S- Garland Ave

E- 28th St

W- 39th St

Cave Hill Area

N- Payne St

S- Bardstown Rd

E- Etley Ave

W- Baxter Ave

Farnsley Road Area

N- Wayside Dr

S- Shadow Fern Dr

E- Appleton Ct

W- Elkhorn

Crescent Hill Area

N- Caledonia Ave

S- Lexington Rd

E- Pleasantview Ave

W- Top Hill Rd

Week of August 12

Wyandotte, Taylor Berry Area


N- Central Ave

S- Watterson Expressway

E- Southern Parkway

W-Lester Ave