Louisville Metro Medical Reserve Corps (MRC)

MRC LogoPublic health emergencies and natural disasters are unpredictable, and can occur at any time. In the event of a large-scale public health emergency, healthcare systems would be overwhelmed with people requesting help. Preparing for the need to meet this demand is crucial, which is why it is critical to have pre-trained and pre-credentialed volunteers to supplement and assist local emergency response systems, to provide assistance to the community in the event of surge.  

The Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) is a national network of both medical and non-medical volunteers, organized into local units to improve the health and safety of their communities during public health emergencies. Our local MRC unit provides Louisville Metro with volunteers who can assist emergency management and health professionals during a large-scale local emergency, but also serves to support public health preparedness initiatives. The mission of the Louisville Metro Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) is to be prepared to rapidly activate and respond to emergencies, disasters, and public health initiatives by augmenting the capabilities of Louisville Metro Public Health & Wellness with additional support.

MRC volunteers include medical and public health professionals, as well as other community members without healthcare backgrounds, and strive to strengthen public health, improve emergency response capabilities, and build community resiliency. They frequently contribute to community health events that promote healthy habits, and participate in and support preparedness activities including:

  • MRCEmergency Preparedness and Response Trainings
  • Emergency Sheltering
  • Disaster Medical Support
  • Medical Facility Surge Capacity
  • Planning, Logistical, & Administrative Support
  • Disaster Risk Reduction
  • Health Screenings
  • Vaccination Clinics
  • Outreach to Underserved Community Members
  • Engaging Youth in Public Health Activities

We want YOU to join our MRC! Register online with Kentucky Health Emergency Listing of Professionals for Surge (K HELPS) to apply for membership, and begin your credentialing and training for the Louisville Metro MRC. Both medical and non-medical volunteers can be involved and support our mission!

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Information & Forms

For additional information about our Louisville Metro MRC, please contact Ken Luther, MRC Coordinator, at kenneth.luther@louisvilleky.gov, and visit the links provided below: