How to Stay Compliant

Stay in compliance with state and local regulations.

  • Mobile Food Unit Vendors must renew Vendor Permits and Vendor ID each year by April 1st.
  • Mobile Food Unit (Food Truck) Vendors must renew Mobile Food Unit permits each year by January 1st.
  • It is very important that food truck owners/operators remember and comply with the legal requirement that vending may occur at one location for a maximum of 14 consecutive days and may not return for 30 consecutive days.

Other restrictions and requirements to stay aware of:

  • Licenses and Permits must be clearly displayed on both the vehicle/cart and employee(s) in charge at each licensed location.
  • Signs are not allowed other than those attached to the vehicle, trailer, cart, etc.
    Music or other unreasonable noises are not allowed.
  • Vendors cannot obstruct sidewalks, streets, driveways, etc. by causing people to congregate near the vendor location.
  • All lighting used must be attached to the vehicle, trailer, cart, etc. and cannot cause a glare nuisance or distraction. No flashing or strobe lights are allowed.
  • All vending activity must end at 10:00 p.m. unless the vending licenses and permits are specifically issued otherwise.
  • All vehicles, trailers, carts, etc. must be equipped with at least one 2A-40 BC fire extinguisher.
  • At least one 30 gallon garbage receptacle must be provided at the location for trash.
  • Locations must be left litter free at the end of each use period.

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