Healthcare Provider Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can participants get a noncontract formula after I complete the Medical Request Form?

While some noncontract formulas are readily available through area pharmacies or hospitals, that’s not always the case. It may take several days for a client to obtain the product.

I need to order a formula that’s not on the Kentucky WIC Formulary. Is that possible?

Yes, it may be possible, but please be aware that processing a request for a formula not in the formulary typically takes at least several weeks. In addition to obtaining information about the product for state approval and having a pharmacy or facility order the product for the patient, Kentucky WIC must get the product information entered into the electronics benefits transfer system so that the client can obtain the product using her eWIC Card. Not all formulas on the market are approved for use by Kentucky WIC. State office staff must approve new product additions.

What are some of the reasons a formula request might be denied?

A formula request might be denied for various reasons, including:

the requested formula is not an authorized product or container size in Kentucky .
the requested formula is for weight gain only with no additional medical diagnosis.
the requested formula is not indicated for the diagnosis provided.
a standard contract formula must be tried first, and there is no current medical contraindication to trying a contract formula.

But do keep in mind, WIC is able to approve most requests based on appropriate reasons for issuance.

How are formula benefits provided to WIC Participants?

After becoming certified, WIC participants get their food and formula via an electronic benefits transfer system. Each WIC family is issued a card similar to a credit card, and the family’s benefits (designated amounts of foods and formula) are loaded on the card. Then the participant takes her eWIC Card to any grocery store that accepts WIC benefits. Participants can typically get standard formulas at most grocery stores, but some formulas must be ordered by a pharmacy.

My patient needs additional formula. Why can’t WIC provide more formula for infants?

The WIC program is a supplemental food program, and Federal Regulations mandate the maximum amounts formula that WIC can provide to participants. WIC staff members advise mothers that the program provides a limited amount of formula, and they encourage new mothers to breastfeed whenever they are together with their babies.

I have a one-year-old patient that I think would benefit from reduced-fat cow’s milk. Can the family get it from WIC?

Yes, a child between 1 and 2 years old can be issued reduced fat milk with proper medical documentation or upon health providers assessment.

How does someone become a WIC participant?

To enroll in the WIC Program, potential WIC clients can call 502-574-6676. To become a WIC client, a woman and/or her children need to meet certain eligibility requirements with regard to income and nutritional status.