Health Education

The Health Education Services section provides community members of all ages with free health education opportunities on the subjects of hypertension, overweight and obesity, asthma, various diseases, and tobacco use.

Health education is provided through community-based health, clinic-based health, and on-demand health education.


Who We Are

What is a health education specialist?

A specialist in health education teaches how to live well. They create and put into action plans to enhance the health of people and communities.

Specialists in health education provide knowledge, abilities, and training that support the efforts of other professionals, including medical professionals, policymakers, and human resource managers.

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Past Events

Past events


Nurturing the Nurturer

This professional development opportunity will assist child care providers (infant through elementary
school-ages) in Louisville to become empowered, connected, supported, and celebrated. Upon completion
you will receive training hours toward your required 15 hours of annual training.

Training Session descriptions
  • Empowering Educators: Strategies for Self-Care, Inclusivity, and Professional Growth 
    Trainer: Asia Rivers
    This session entails conducting interactive lectures, leading group discussions, and facilitating hands-on activities that encourage participants to share experiences and learn collaboratively.  Participants will be provided with extensive resources and follow-up support, ensuring that learning continues beyond the training sessions. This includes guiding participants in applying new strategies in their classrooms and advising them on further professional development opportunities.

    Asia Rivers is the owner of both Talk Childcare to Me centers and the Talk Childcare Connections Training Agency in Louisville.

  • Balancing Well-Being and Classroom Management
    Trainer: Bridgette Johnson
    This session will foster a culture of continuous improvement in both personal well-being and classroom management through exercises in intervals for creative minds.

    Bridgette A. Johnson, (also known as DJBJ) children's book author, educator, artist and business entrepreneur is a lifelong educator with Jefferson County Public Schools. 
  • Creating a Life That You Do Not Have A Need To Escape From
    Trainer:  Shannon Floyd
    This session is an intentional and engaging self-care workshop that challenges participants to critically examine various aspects of their lives (i.e. personally, professionally and financially, etc.), identify deficits, reimagine specific areas and form plausible goals leading to “Creating A Life That You Do Not Have A Need To Escape.” 

    As a conscientious disrupter, therapist, life coach, and an author, Specialty Trainer Shannon Floyd has a natural curiosity about the story behind a “person, place or thing.”  She is a guiding force in helping others and organizations to identify problems, form plausible solutions, establish goals and create desired change. 

  • Conflict Resolution Made Fun (Really)
    Trainer: George Halitzka
    We will give you hands-on experience with real-life skills as we practice cooling our anger, using reflective listening skills, benefitting from “I” statements, and searching for win-win solutions. We won’t promise that this session is the most fun you can have — but we will promise it’s the most fun you can have resolving conflicts! Plus, you won't just be building your own skills. You'll also internalize ideas that you can take back to the classroom and teach your students.

    George Halitzka is a theater educator, director, and writer — but first and foremost, he is a storyteller. George has performed for 80,000 students in the Louisville area and beyond, often presenting content that he has written and produced himself. He has also taught drama workshops to thousands of students of all ages; his favorite topics include comedy improv and playwriting. George’s plays have been published by Playscripts, Inc. and Christian Publishers. His works have been performed by schools and theaters an estimated 900 times around the world from Canada to China.


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