Hazardous Materials

Hazardous MaterialThe Hazardous Materials Program located within the Environmental Division responds to hazardous material (chemical, biological or radiation) releases 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Responses are made at the request of a fire district or when public health and safety is threatened. 

Program staff routinely works with all Metro Louisville Fire Districts, Metropolitan Sewer District, Louisville Metro Emergency Management Agency and Metro Police.  As part of a regional framework, the program will respond to surrounding counties when requested. 

Environmental Division staff are part of the program.  These Environmentalists are trained to the haz mat technician level along with training in chemical, biological agents and radioactive materials.

Program staff are trained to perform many functions at a hazardous materials incident, including:

  • Determine the health impact to the community by the release  
  • Assist the responding agencies to ensure responder safety
  • Utilize air monitoring and other equipment to determine the material released and to make a hazard assessment  
  • Advise responsible parties to ensure proper clean up after the release

Program staff investigate improper disposal, environmental crime and indoor air quality complaints during regular business hours.  Program staff also provide training to external agencies in areas of their expertise.