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Thinking of trying a new restaurant?  Wondering if that neighborhood restaurant made the grade on their last inspection?  Then before you go out to eat, click on the link below, enter the restaurant name and just see how they scored!

Restaurant Inspection Scores

Learn more about how scores are calculated here.

Food TruckNew! Local Food Permit

Louisville Metro Council recently amended the Louisville Metro Code of Ordinances, Chapter 118, Food Service Establishments, to adopt the implementation of a Local Food Permit for food service establishments. Effective January 1, 2019, food service establishments will be required to have both a Local and State Food Permit to operate in Louisville, Jefferson County. Annual invoices for 2019 Local and State Food Permits will be mailed in early November. A single payment should be made for both invoices.  Partial payments will not be accepted.  Once you receive your local and state food permit invoices you can pay online HERE or by mail to  Louisville Metro OMB/Health Billing, P.O. Box 34277, Louisville, KY 40232-4277.

The additional fee for an annual Local Food Permit is as follows:

Seasonal/Restricted Concessions (603) - $25

Retail Food Market (610) - $50

Food Service Establishment (605) - $80

Combination Retail Food Market and Food Service Establishment (607) - $80

Temporary Food Service Establishment - $80


Children's Meal Ordinance

Louisville Metro Council recently passed an ordinance requiring nutritional standards and a healthy default beverage in children’s meals. Children’s meals are defined as a combination of food items and a beverage that are sold together at a single price and primarily intended for consumption by children.  The Ordinance will go into effect on October 5, 2018.  Civil fines will not be assessed until Friday, June 7, 2019. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS.

Click Here to download the Children's Meal Ordinance Handout.

Food Trucks

Food trucks that operate in Louisville are included in the Department of Public Health and Wellness’ ABC Food Placard Program. 

Mobile Food Unit Vendors prepare and sell food to the public and must therefore obtain multiple permits and pass inspections in order to operate in Louisville Metro. This site provides information and guidance specific to obtaining the permits necessary to operate a mobile food service business commonly referred to as a "food truck," in Louisville, Kentucky.  Click here to learn more about food trucks and requirements to start one.

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Food Service Permit Requirements and Plan Review

There are requirements that must be met before a food establishment permit can be issued.  

Click Here for a listing of those requirements and application.

Street Vendor Information

Do you want to sell food to the public but you do not have a restaurant?

Click Here for more information. 

Public Health Protection and Food Safety Fee Schedule

Click here to view the most up to date fees.

FoodManagerFood Service Managers Certification 

A certified food service manager and/or food service employee is required to be on duty whenever the food service establishment is open for business or preparing food.  All food service establishments are required to post the certificates issued by the Board of Health. 

The fee for the Certified Food Service Manager Course is $35.00 per person. The retest fee is $15.00 per test. 

Click Here for a explanation of the process and an application. 

Link to Kentucky Food Code, FDA Food Code, Kentucky Food and Cosmetic Act, Kentucky Fees for Permits, Registrations and Certifications


Hepatitis A Disinfection Guidelines

Hepatitis A Disinfection Guidelines for Food Service Establishments
Hepatitis A Disinfection Guidelines for Food Service Establishments (Spanish)


Child eating

Sushi Preparation Guidance

Click here to view the guide.


Link to FDA Food Recalls and Safety Alerts


Educational Opportunities - Food Safety In-Service 

Establishments can request a staff member from the Food Safety & Protection Program to come to their facility and provide training on Food Safety best practices.  Our goal is to assist an operator with the education of their food service workers, and enhance our community’s understanding and implementation of food safety practices. A Food Hygiene representative will review the requirement of the food code as it applies to your business, and highlight the critical violations that represent the highest risk factors that cause foodborne illness. This service is free and lasts approximately one hour. Please call 574-6557 today to schedule your Food Safety In-Service. 

Food Safety Award (SAFE)

The Sanitation and Food-safety Excellence (SAFE) award recognizes food service establishments who have demonstrated outstanding food handling and sanitation practices.  SAFE award winning facilities strive to ensure safe dining and may be considered model operations for all food service establishments. There are more than 4,000 permitted food service establishments in Louisville.  To be eligible for nomination, a food service establishment must have:

  • maintained an A placard for two successive routine inspections
  • serve foods such as meat or egg products, which if mishandled, have the potential to be associated with foodborne illness
  • must have their food service permit for at least one year
  • have a history of compliance with regulations
  • have certified food managers as s required by LMCO Ch. 118

The monthly winner of the award receives a plaque and letter of commendation from the Department of Public Health and Wellness.


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