Find a Medical Home or Healthcare Provider

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People are healthier when they have a medical home -- a healthcare provider they see regularly who can help them through all the ages and stages of life, not just when they're sick. Seeing a healthcare provider regularly for checkups and preventive screenings can help you prevent illness and live a healthier life.



There are several options for healthcare providers in Louisville:

Find a Healthcare Provider

Family Health Centers 502.774.8631
Park DuValle Community Health Center 502.774.4401
Baptist Health Louisville 502.897.8131
KentuckyOne Health 502587.4912
Norton Healthcare 502.629.1234
Shawnee Christian Healthcare Center 502.778.0001
University of Louisville Physicians 502.588.6000


The Greater Louisville Medical Society's Physician Finder can also help you find physicians who are accepting new patients.

Community Mental Health Services

Seven Counties Services provides community-based treatment, support and services for:

  • persons with severe mental illnesses,
  • children with severe emotional and behavioral disorders, and
  • individuals with developmental or intellectual disabilities.
  • adults and adolescents with addictions.

Contact them at their 24 hour "Hope Now" hotline: 502.589.4313 or 1.800.221.0446.

Do you need health insurance? Click here to connect to Kentucky's Health Benefits Exchange and learn what health insurance options are available for you.