Federal, State and Local Requirements

Quick Facts
  • Louisville/Jefferson County Metro Government Code of Ordinances (LMCO) governs street vendor rules and regulations. LMCO Section 115.350 et seq. provides Mobile Food Unit Vendors with details about the operational considerations of granting permits, required conduct and other critical information.

    Limits, restrictions and requirements exist for allowable locations:
  • The Commonwealth of Kentucky’s Environmental and Public Protection Cabinet governs food establishments throughout the state and has adopted the 2005 FDA Food Code. This cabinet also governs the state plumbing code; which pertains to, and places requirements upon, Mobile Food Units.
  • Louisville Metro Government Public Health & Wellness, Division of Environmental Health administers the above-mentioned state food hygiene regulations by processing applications for State and Local health-related permits, providing Mobile Food Unit information (pdf), and performing inspections.
  • Louisville Metro Government Codes & Regulations, Division of Inspections, Permits and Licenses (IPL) administers approvals by processing applications for Vendor Permits and Vendor IDs. These permits authorize Mobile Food Unit Vendors and employees to operate at compliant locations throughout Jefferson County.