eWIC Card

In Kentucky WIC participants receive their food benefits on a card similar to an ATM card called the eWIC Card. The eWIC Card provides flexibility so that participants can purchase just a few or a lot of WIC items at one time.

What is the eWIC Card?

It looks and works like a credit/debit card. It keeps track of your WIC food benefits

Is the eWIC Card the same as my SNAP card?

No, although they look about the same, your eWIC Card is separate from your SNAP card.

How do I receive my WIC food benefits?

At your first appointment with WIC, if you are found to be eligible for the program, you will be given an eWIC Card to use at the grocery store.  You will be able to purchase your WIC approved foods using this eWIC Card.

The WIC staff members will load up to three months of WIC food benefits to be purchased with your card.  They will also provide a WIC Shopping List that tells you how much food you have loaded on your card.

WIC Staff will activate your card so it is ready to use.  You may go to any store in Kentucky that accepts WIC to use your benefits.  You will receive a copy of WIC Vendors in the Louisville Metro area at your first appointment with WIC.

WIC staff will schedule your future appointment before your last set of food benefits expires.

What is a PIN?

A PIN is your Personal Identification Number. Your PIN, a special four-digit number that you choose, will make your eWIC Card work. To keep your benefits safe, never tell anyone your PIN, or write it on the card, or keep it with the card. If you forget your PIN, call your local WIC office for an appointment to have your PIN changed.

How much time do I have to use my food benefits?

The amount of time that you have to use your food benefits may vary.  Food benefits are issued with approximately 1 month to use them.  The WIC Shopping List that you receive at the WIC Clinic will tell you the first date that your benefits begin and the last date that you can purchase for that month.  If you are an existing WIC household, the amount of time that you have to use your benefits may vary depending on if you are adding a household member in the middle of a monthly benefits cycle or if you are late for your appointment.

Do I have to buy a certain amount of food at each trip to the grocery store?

No, you can choose how much of your WIC food benefits you wish to purchase at each shopping trip. For example, you can buy one box of cereal this week and one box of cereal next week or you can buy two boxes all at once. It's up to you.

What will happen when I use my eWIC Card at the grocery store?

Use your WIC Shopping List to select your foods.

Tell the cashier that you will be using your eWIC Card.

Ask the cashier if you need to separate your WIC foods from your other foods.

Once your items are scanned, review your receipt to make sure your WIC purchases are listed and correct.

Each time you use your eWIC Card at the store, you will receive a receipt that shows the foods you have left for the month. Save your receipt.

If you lose your receipt, go to your local WIC office or grocery store to get a new one with your latest balance.

What if a WIC item is not listed on my receipt as a WIC purchase?

The card reader, not the store clerk, decides which foods you can buy with your eWIC Card.

You may have selected an item that is the wrong size or the wrong brand.

You may not have enough benefits left on your card for the item.

You can choose to pay for the item with your other groceries.

If you do not want to buy the item as a non-WIC purchase, tell the cashier you do not want the item.

What if I need someone else to go to the store for me?

You may give someone you trust your eWIC Card and your PIN. Please use caution when giving out your PIN and WIC card. Once your benefits have been depleted, they cannot be replaced.

What if the doctor changes my child's formula?

The WIC clinic is the only place where you can exchange baby formula. If you need to make a change, call your local WIC office.

Do not take your formula back to the store.

It is best to buy formula in small quantities - one or two cans at a time - until you are sure you have the right formula for your baby.

What if my eWIC Card is damaged and doesn't work?

Don't throw it away - call your local WIC office and set up a time to come in and get a replacement.

What if my eWIC Card is lost or stolen? Can someone else use it?

Your card is safe because it can only be used with your secret PIN. You must call your WIC Clinic to report a lost or stolen card.

Once you call and report your card missing, it will be locked by WIC so it cannot be used. You will need to schedule an appointment to go to your clinic to receive a new card.

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