Louisville Welcome Academy

The first session of the Louisville Welcome Academy may be postponed in accordance with Louisville Metro Public Health and Wellness' guidance on congregate events and social distancing. If you have already applied for the program, you will be contacted with new dates. If you have not yet applied, please check back soon for an update.


IMPORTANT: The application for the 2020 cohort is currently closed. We will publish the new dates for the next cohort in 2021.


About the Louisville Welcome Academy

The Louisville Welcome Academy is a free leadership training program sponsored by the Louisville Metro Government Office for Globalization. The mission is to build the knowledge and networks of foreign-born leaders to increase their capacity and become key stakeholders to empower and assist their communities. Please complete this form to apply for the 2020 session of the Louisville Welcome Academy. Information collected will not be shared outside of the Office for Globalization.


Participants in the Louisville Welcome Academy will:

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of city government services
  • Have greater accessibility to existing city and community resources
  • Build leadership capacity
  • Become part of the larger community network

The Academy is a six-session long program. Due to COVID19 the sessions have been moved to a hybrid structure, where half will be online and the other half in person. However, the in person sessions will be subject to move online, depending on the recommendations of Louisville Health Department.

  • Session I – July 22 2020 | Online Session | Welcome to the Program, Leadership and City Governmen

  • Session II – August 19, 2020 | Online Session | Public Safety and the Courts

  • Session III – September 23, 2020 | In Person Session | Business Development, Services and Employment

  • Session IV – October 21, 2020 | Online Session | Diversity and Inclusion and Engagement and Non-Profit Basics.

  • Session V – November 11, 2020 | In Person Session | Volunteerism and Community Engagement and Community

  • Graduation – November 20, 2020 | In Person

  • City Government Services: Discussion about our city manager form of government, and the election of officials and their responsibilities. Overview of city departments and services. Will include learning how to use our public transportation system. 
  • Citizenship and Civic Engagement: Learn about the naturalization process and its importance, how to apply for U.S. Citizenship, what does it mean to be a U.S. Citizen. Discussion on what civic engagement means and ways to become civically engaged.
  • Leadership Development: Discussion and team-building exercises to build leadership skills. 
  • Volunteerism and Community Engagement: Participants will work on a volunteer community project with a local non-profit organization. An overview on volunteer opportunities and community resources available throughout the city.
  • Public Safety and the Courts: Tour and presentation of police and fire departments. We will also have an explanation of the criminal and civil courts. Discussion on the Department of Motor Vehicle and Drivers Licenses. 

Who can apply:

  • Leaders or professionals that currently work or serve the international community.
  • Willing to commit to the six sessions of this program. 
  • Looking to build or start an initiative that can benefit their communities.
  • Willing to become ambassadors and act as connectors between the city's communications and the communities.

When to apply:

The application for the 2020 cohort is currently close. We will publish the new dates for the next cohort in 2021

How to apply:

Applications will be selected on a first-come, first-serve basis pending that all application requirements are met. Consideration to equal representation of our diverse ethnic communities will be given when selecting applicants. There is no cost to participants to attend; however, all applicants must be committed to at least five of the six sessions.

Once selected, each participant will receive a letter of acceptance that can be used to demonstrate to employer active participation in the program. The city will communicate the acceptance of each participant to their respective employers to ensure that each understands the value of participation in the Academy for New Americans.


Contact information: