Help Prevent False Alarms

False Alarms Brochure


A false alarm means the activation of any fire alarm system which results in a response by the fire department for an alarm activation not caused by heat, smoke, or fire.

False Alarms...

  • ...account for over 25% of all fire runs across Metro Louisville.
  • ...take fire personnel away from real emergencies. The diversion of public safety resources can impact the response to a real fire incident.
  • ...can desensitize the community to actual fire incidents and lead to neighbors ignoring the alarm when it goes off.
  • ...may make you reluctant to use your system, exposing your home or facility to fire and property damage.
  • ...cost citizens time and money, with the average cost per run ranging from an estimated $150 - $500, costing the fire service and the community $1 million - $3 million annually.

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