Services for restaurants

Buying from local farmers supports the small business community, the local economy, the environment, and community health. For these reasons, the local food movement has transcended trend status and has become entrenched in the cultural zeitgeist over the last decade. Promoting local foods in both specials and menu mainstays can increase sales and demonstrates a commitment to the community your customers live within.

Let Louisville Farm to Table help you find farmers that can meet your needs. Louisville Farm to Table acts as a matchmaker between farmers and buyers and will listen to your product, distribution, and packaging needs, as well as work to find farmers whose values match those of your business.

All Kentucky restaurants should be aware of the Kentucky Department of Agriculture’s Kentucky Proud Buy Local Program for restaurants. It is an incentive program designed to facilitate greater utilization of Kentucky’s bounty, while making it easier for you to prepare local products for your patrons. Restaurants can receive up to a 15% reimbursement on certified Kentucky-raised farm goods.