Services for farmers

Louisville Farm to Table offers a variety of services for local and regional farmers. Click here for additional resources.


Farm Onboarding

Louisville Farm to Table’s services are open to all Kentuckiana farmers. Although available buyers may be better suited to some growers than others, Louisville Farm to Table will work with growers to connect them with resources to help them succeed. Before Louisville Farm to Table may begin working with a farmer, that farmer must be onboarded. The most essential piece of the onboarding process is an initial site visit where Louisville Farm to Table staff can observe production methods and discuss farm goals with the farmer(s). Click here to schedule a farm visit.


The Local List

Through the use of a monthly newsletter, Louisville Farm to Table promotes farm goods to over 100 Louisville area chefs. With the aim of helping farmers gain increased access to restaurant and institutional markets, featured farmers get a spotlight on bumper crops or products they need to offload. Louisville Farm to Table will investigate the details that make a farm stand out - from farm history to breeding and growing practices to customer-oriented distribution - and help that farm to shine. Contact us if you would like to receive The Local List.


Louisville Farm to Table Facebook Group

Highly requested by chefs, Louisville Farm to Table manages a Facebook group between onboarded farmers and chefs. This group will allow chefs to make requests to the farming community about crops they’re seeking for upcoming menu items. It also will allow farmers to post their own crops for wholesale availability. Evolving in nature, the hope is that this increased communication between farmers and buyers may eventually lead to crop planning in future years. 


Direct Market Orientation for Farmers

Louisville Farm to Table acts as a matchmaker between area farmers and potential buyers. As Louisville Farm to Table gets to know a farm, their products, and their capacity, staff can assist farms in building relationships with processors, distributors, restaurants, or institutional buyers like schools and hospitals. Louisville Farm to Table also works with farmers to develop marketing plans and specific strategies to offload product and can help identify and liaise trainings and resources that will lead to increased sales.