About Facilities

Facilities and Project Management Mission:
To provide excellent customer service while maintaining the architectural integrity of Metro assets.


  • Provide oversight of 89 Metro Properties including 2.6 million square feet of building space.
  • Provide general maintenance and custodial services for Metro properties.
  • Track and analyze energy usage of Metro properties.
  • Provide security guards and coordinate security access systems.
  • Manage Metro mail services.
  • Maintain landscape at assigned facilities and green spaces.
  • Provide snow removal services for portfolio properties.
  • Manage space planning and relocation services for Metro departments.
  • Oversee the professional management and architectural quality of building projects throughout Metro Government.
  • Manage real estate leases whereby Metro is both the tenant and landlord. This includes negotiation services for Metro agencies; site evaluation services for relocations, and day-to- day property management operations.
  • Ensure compliance with Federal, State, and Local environmental, health and safety as well as fire and life safety law and regulations.