External Agency Funding (EAF) - Youth Services

2 Not One, Teen Fatherhood University (FY16 - $20,000)

Teen Fatherhood University is a program for young fathers between the ages of 16-24. Participants of the program will learn various life skills such as conflict management, parenting, and co-parenting strategies. Upon program completion, participants will have the necessary skills to co-parent and effectively raise their children. 

Adelante Hispanic Achievers, Mentoring/Enrichment/Educational Programs (FY16 - $5,000)

Adelante Hispanic Achievers' Mentoring & Enrichment Program provides workshops and field trips of academic support, life skills, community services, and career exposure. The College Readiness Program provides academic skill-building, ACT intensives, and university visits. Adelante also provides tutoring/homework help at Thomas Jefferson and Lassiter Middle Schools. 

Americana Community Center, Americana Youth Program (FY16 - $17,800) 

The Americana Center Youth Program focuses on providing programming that support youth development both academically and behaviorally, through the following activities: English as a Secong Language instruction, homework help and tutoring, weekly college and career readiness programs, and health and wellness activities such as basketball, soccer, gardening, and nutrition lessons. 

Bates Community Development Corporation
  • BCDC's Kingdom Academy Summer Enrichment Program (FY16 - $5,000) last for six weeks during summer months and offers academically and culturally enriching activities, including: in-class project-based learning designed to combat summer learning loss, afternoon enrichment activities, community service projects, and weekly field trips. 
  • BCDC's Academy After School Program (FY16 - $35,000) is open Monday through Thursday during the school year and provides tutoring and homework help with an emphasis in reading and math, along with enrichment activities that include college/career exploration, cultural enrichment, and leadership service activities. 

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kentuckiana
  • The School to Work Program (FY16 - $10,000) is a workplace mentoring initiative partnering with JCPS, Price Waterhouse Cooper, and Humana. The program brings 20 Seneca high school students to corporate workplaces for one-to-one mentoring. 
  • Project Connect (FY16 - $11,000) provides 20 supportive adults to serve as mentors to 20 at-risk youth residing in Louisville's Newburg area. The program is community and site-based. 
  • West End Big Brothers Big Sisters (FY16 - $6,000) provides 20 supportive adults as mentors to 20 at-risk youth residing in Louisville's West End. The program is community and site based. 
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters Project (FY16 - $9,000) provides 20 supportive adults as mentors to 20 at-risk Jefferson County middle and high school students aged 13-18. The program is community and site based. 

Boys and Girls Clubs of Kentuckiana

The Shawnee, Parkland, and Newburg Teen Programs (FY16 - $14,500 each) focus on youth achieving academic success and increasing the number of teens who attend the Club and are exposed to quality out-of-school time programs. Teens are provided with educational programming and support (Studay Island, educational field trips, etc.) and staff conducts ongoing recruitment and retention efforst to increase and improve the programs' impact.

CASA of the River Region, Sons of Issachar Afterschool Academy Advocacy Support (FY16 - $13,000)

An afterschool program that is designed for at-risk male youth first through eighth grade, Sons of Issachar operates the entire school calendar, Monday - Thursday 3 - 6 pm. It provides a program for academic learning, advancement, life skills, and social development. SOI promotes young males as scholars and gives them a sense of self-worth. 

Catholic Charities of Louisville, Migration and Refugee Services School Readiness (FY16 - $20,000)

Many refugee children spend their formative years in refugee camps, where accessing basic needs can be a challenge - much less attaining a quality education. MRS School Readiness works with refugee families to discover and remove barriers which ease the transition of these new students attending school in their new home. 

Down Syndrome of Louisville, Creative Educational Enrichment OST Program (FY16 - $6,200)

This program is an intensive, six-week summer instruction that helps students prepare for the following school year, allows them to maintain and build academic skills, and addresses their delays in speech/communication, physical, and adaptive/self-help skills. The Creative Educational Enrichment Program offers monthly academic classes from September -  May that supplement students' school curricula. 

Exploited Children's Help Organization, Transforming Our Communities (FY16 - $4,900)

ECHO raises awareness of and builds skills among children to disclose and/or prevent abuse, working to increase the knowledge of signs/symptoms of abuse, create change around abuse reporting, and engage individuals in the movement to end child abuse. The Transforming Our Communities project uses recommendations from the National Sexual Violence Resource Center's publication, "Child Sexual Abuse Prevention: Programs for Children" including: children as active participants, modeling, group discussion, role playing, multiple sessions, and incorporating parents. 

Family & Children's Place, CLASP (FY16 - $27,800)

The Meyzeek Out-Of-School time program CLASP offers homework help and tutoring, family engagement, and social-emotional skill development every day after school. Families are invited once a week for a meal and family activities. 

Boys & Girls Haven, Independence Readiness Program (FY16 - $24,300) 

The Boys & Girls Haven helps high-risk youth, ages 16-24, to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in early adulthood. It also serves youth in Kentucky's foster care system and homeless young adults by providing vocational training, life skills training, mentoring, and community activities. 

Food Literacy Project at Oxmoor Louisville, Field-to-Fork Program (FY16 - $10,000)

The Food Literacy Project's Field-to-Fork Program uses experimental education to directly connect youth and families with fresh food, the people who grow it, the land, and each other. The comprehensive program includes Farm-Based Education, Youth Development, Family and Community Engagement, Professional Development, and Food Access activities. Young people and families empower themselves with skills to lead healthier lives and discover the earth's bounty through hands-on learning. A diverse cohort of teens cultivates leadership and community engagement skills while growing, harvesting, and distributing fresh vegetables in underserved Louisville neighborhoods. 

Highland Park Community Development Corporation, H.E.L.P. and S.W.A.G. (FY16 - $2,000)

Highland Park Educational Leadership (H.E.L.P.) focuses on developing strong leaders in grades K through five by helping to ensure they are reading and doing math on grade level. They also learn about leadership, and tutoring is offered. Students With Awesome Grades (S.W.A.G.) focuses on helping leaders in grades 6 though 12 further develop their reading, math, and leadership skills. It helps young people identify a career they would like to pursue and a path on which to pursue it; tutoring is offered. 

JCPS, Community School Programs (FY16 - $159,000)

Jefferson County Public Schools' Community School program sites provide a variety of recreational and educational programming for individuals living in the communities surrounding the school sites. Services provided include: tutoring, college and career readiness experiences, fitness awareness and education classes, and academic support for students. Adults are offered enrichment classes, GED prep courses, and fitness/nutrition education in partnership with the JCPS Adult Education department. These opportunities are offered to the citizens of Metro Louisville throughout the school year, Monday - Friday after school until 9 pm. Camp options, academic support services, and lifelong learning experiences are offered continually throughout the summer months, making the Community Schools program year-round. 

Kentucky Refugee Ministries, Refugee Youth Services (FY16 - $14,000) 

KRM offers refugee children, youth, and their families ongoing and comprehensive services throughout the year. These services are focused on fostering educational attainment and success, as well as healthy social integration and development, among refugees ages 5 - 21 years old, and include: assistance with school registrations, placements, parent teacher conferences, school orientations, out of school time programming, college and career readiness programming, and connections with needed community resources. 

Learning Disabilities Association of Kentucky, Academic Enrichment Prgoram (FY16 - $2,500)

The Learning Disabilities Association of Kentucky's tutoring program is designed for students who need to improve their school performance, regardless of economic background or formal diagnosis of a learning disability. The sessions cover in-class and at-home study skills, test-taking strategies, and use of resources. 

Learning for Life, NOVA Program (FY16 - $1,000) 

Learning for Life's NOVA Program is an after-school tutoring and character education program for elementary school students in at-risk populations, targeting 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders identified through West End Metro Parks Community Centers and associated JCPS Neighborhood Schools. It provides adult-supervised guidance to assist in homework, offering an interactive experience through play, group activities, as well as multimedia and self-discovery to enhance participants' understanding of life skills, ethical decision making, and values. 

Lighthouse Promise, Partners In Learning (FY16 - $13,000)

Lighthouse Promise offers one-on-one tutoring and homework assistance (reading, math, science, technology, and engineering) four afternoons and evenings a week, following the JCPS schedule. It also offers a 5-week, full day summer program. Partnering in Learning/College and Career Readiness program, it incorporates Every1Reads, tutoring/mentoring, STEM and Reading Academic Enrichment programs, and Arts Enrichment programs. 

Lincoln Foundation, Whitney M. Young Scholarship Program® (FY16 - $13,300)

The Lincoln Foundation provides educational enrichment programs that develop and support youth in overcoming barriers to achievement. Scholars are actively engaged in year-round, non-traditional, educational programs. The Whitney M. Young Scholarship Program® prepares students in grades 7-12 to graduate from high school, enter college, and ultimately obtain their college degree. 

Louisville Central Community Centers, Teen Leadership Council (FY16 - $29,000)

The Teen Leadership Council a service program for economically disadvantaged teenagers aimed at promoting high school graduation and college readiness. The program empowers members to be self-reliant and successful contributors to the general well-being of the community, with the objectives to improve academic performance, develop leadership skills, and prepare teens for college and careers. 

Louisville Urban League, Project Ready (FY16 - $11,700) 

Project Ready STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) is an evidence-based program that provides economically disadvantaged youth with academic and social supports to prepare them for post-secondary success. Project Ready serves 100 youth each year by helping them improve school performance, develop and enhance social skills, explore college options, and create individual college plans for youth in middle and high school. 

Louisville Youth Group, Urban Youth Program (FY16 - $5,000) 

This program is intended to help make the Louisville Youth Group more easily accessible to LGBTQIA young people from ages 14 to 20. It provides a safe and supportive environment which they may not find in other aspects of their lives, at school, or even at home within their families. 

Maryhurst, Day Program (FY16 - $6,800) 

Maryhurst provides experiential activities and exposure for young ladies who are either transitioning back into community-based living or into adulthood. The young women work on skills including but not limited to: budget preparation, cooking, exercise, advocacy, employment readiness, and college prep. 

Middletown Christian Church, Success the Only Option (FY16 - $10,000) 

Success the Only Option provides an opportunity for students in Southwest and Eastern Louisville to receive free, one-on-one tutoring and homework assistance. This service is provided to students who are struggling in their regular classroom setting and who qualify for the free/reduced lunch program in a JCPS elementary school. 

Neighborhood House, Youth Development Program (FY16 - $20,200)

Neighborhood House's Youth Development Program is a quality structured out-of-school time program for youth ages 6-18 years old living in the community of Portland and surrounding areas. The program provides academic support, enrichment activities, and job and college readiness skills, as well as nutritious meals, with the goal of preparing youth for success in college, work, and life. 

Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals, Louisville ACE Academy (FY16 - $1,700)

During the ACE Academy (Aviation Career Education) summer camp, students can expect to participate in activities that feature STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) components, as well as trips to aviation-related facilities and tours of areas that the general public never sees. The academy also offers students the opportunity to perform actual flights in a general aviation aircraft.

Peace Education Program, Peace Zones in Schools and Neighborhoods (FY16 - $3,800)

Peace Education Program is training 60 youth mediators in three Jefferson County Schools during out-of-school time, as well as providing support for mediation coordinators at each school as they implement a successful program. Partner program Restorative Justice Louisville will also conduct two facilitations in the Zones of Hope neighborhood. 

Plymouth Community Renewal Center
  •  The Academic Enrichment Program (FY16 - $18,000) offers one-on-one and small-group tutoring and homework help for grades K-12. Tutors are trained to help students not only achieve academic milestones, but develop milestones as well. Tutors are trained paraprofessionals and students from the UofL College of Education and Human Development. 
  • Out of Bounds (FY16 - $7,000) is a service learning program that targets 10 youths ages 13-18 living primarily within the 40203 zip code and provides them 38 weeks of employment as Junior Counselors. The program is a teaching and learning strategy through which people learn in meaningful service experiences. 

Portland Promise Center, Leadership and Educational Development (FY16 - $7,000)

Portland Promise Center's Leadership and Educational Development Program builds up leaders and instills a culture of education and learning into young people who attend. It provides one-on-one tutoring, homework help, partnership with JCPS, reading activities, intentional curriculum alignment, and other educational enhancement programs. 

Project One, Early Employment and Training Time Program (FY16 - $45,000)

Project One's program focuses on helping youth obtain paid summer jobs shadowing and/or gain work experience, specifically for youth ages 13 and up. This program is geared to help develop young people's work-force and social skills and to improve their soft academic skill performance. 

St. George's Community Center, Mirror-Mirror (FY16 - $20,000)

Mirror, Mirror is St. George's afterschool program that provides west Louisville youth in grades 4-12 with opportunities for leadership development, college and career readiness, tutoring, character development, civic engagement, and conflict resolution. It is a unique approach to serving teenage youth and true collaboration of ideas between young people and youth development. 

United Crescent Hill Ministries, UCHM Youth Program (FY16 - $12,400)

United Crescent Hill Ministries operates an out-of-school Youth Program - the after school component is open Monday-Friday from 3-6 pm, and serves both middle and elementary school youth. It concentrates on homework completion and tutoring, balancing work and play, and meeting each child's individual needs. During the summer, UCHM offers 6-7 weeks of thematic programming that combines structure, work, and play in a positive and light-hearted environment. The focus of UCHM's Youth Program is to encourage positive and healthy mental, physical, social, and emotional growth and well-being, and ultimately help each child achieve academic success. 

West Louisville Youth Space, West Louisville Summer Reading Enrichment Camp (FY16 - $4,700) 

West Louisville Youth Space's Summer Reading Enrichment Camp provides homework help and special projects for youth ages 5-18 to improve their grade level in reading and math. While the program serves youth from the Russell, Shawnee, and Portland areas primarily, anyone can attend. Computers are also available for use for current JCPS learning projects. 

YMCA of Greater Louisville
  • The Berrytown Out of School Time Program (FY16 - $5,000) focuses on healthy actions, youth development, and social responsibility for the minority communities of the Berrytown and Griffytown areas in eastern Jefferson County. These include: health/wellness classes for multi-age groups with group exercise, physical activity and nutrition information, sessions focusing on recreation and creative expression, and academic support for youth through the I Can, I Will program. Homework help and tutors are also provided through volunteers and staff. 
  • The Shelter House Program (FY16 - $15,000) is an on-going program that provides free emergency shelter and support to teens between the ages of 12 and 17, and is the only shelter in Louisville specifically for this age group. Youth turn to Shelter House for various reasons: homelessness, conflict with a parent/caregiver, physical or sexual abuse in the home, drug or alcohol issues, trouble in school, bullying, depression, or emotional frustration. 
  • Y-NOW Mentoring Program (FY16 - $23,700) - Y-NOW Children of Prisoners Mentoring Program inspires teens to stay in school through the cultivation of a new relationship with education. This program is intense and impact-focused, therefore requiring a serious weekly commitment from both mentors and youth over the course of a full year. 

YouthBuild Louisville (FY16 - $25,000) 

YouthBuild Louisville provides GED and college prep education, leadership, and job training activities in the fields of construction, nursing, and environmental education to youth ages 16-24. Young people are engaged full time over a one-year cycle, splitting time in the formal classroom and job training activities that support as service to the community.  

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