Piagentini Hearing

Trial Transcripts

Trial Transcript Day 1
Trial Transcript Day 2
Trial Transcript Day 3
Trial Transcript Day 4

Facts and Findings

Metro Ethics Commission Complaint
Amended Complaint
Notice of Discovery
Notice of Supplemental Discovery
Notice of Supplemental Discovery (supp inv report)
Respondent's Proposed Revised Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law
Piagentini Final Order


Piagentini Exhibits List
Piagentini Witness List
Boyd Witness and Exhibit List
Complainant's Exhibit 2
Complainant's Exhibit 4
Complainant's Exhibit 5
Complainant's Exhibit 7
Complainant's Exhibit 8
Complainant's Exhibit 12
Complainant's Exhibit 13 - redacted
Complainant's Exhibit 14
Complainant's Exhibit 15
Complainant's Exhibit 16 - redacted
Complainant's Exhibit 17
Complainant's Exhibit 18
Complainant's Exhibit 19 - redacted
Complainant's Exhibit 20
Complainant's Witness and Exhibit List
Respondent's Exhibit 1
Respondent's Exhibit 2 - redacted
Respondent's Exhibit 3
Respondent's Exhibit 5
Respondent's Exhibit 7
Respondent's Exhibit 8
Respondent's Exhibit 9
Respondent's Exhibit 13 - redacted
Respondent's Exhibit 16 - redacted
Respondent's Exhibit 19
Respondent's Exhibit 20
Respondent's Exhibit 21
Respondent's Exhibit 22
Respondent's Exhibit 23 - redacted
Respondent's Exhibit 24


Response to Motion to Intervene
Response to Motion to  Appoint Investigating Officer
Motion to Alter Vacate or Amend Intervention and Scheduling Orders
Motion for Summary Dismissal
Motion for Definite Statement of Allegations
Order Re: Scheduling, Amendments and Protective Order
Motion to Alter Vacate or Amend Renewed Scheduling Order
Answer to Amended Complaint
Piagentini Motions in Limine
Joint Stipulation as to Authenticity
Motion to Enlarge Time and to Hold Open Record
Motion to Strike
Response to Motion to Strike
Motion for Mistrial or Alternatively Motion to Disqualify
Response to Motion for Mistrial or Disqualification
Motion to Supplement the Record
AMENDED Scheduling Order FINAL
Fields' Response in Opposition to Motion to Expand the Record
Motion to Appoint Investigating Officer
Motion to Intervene
Order on Motion to Dismiss FINAL
Order re Intervene and Investigating Officer  FINAL
ORDER re Respondent's Motion to AAV
ORDER re Scheduling, Amendments, Protective Order FINAL
Piagentini ANSWER
Scheduling and Procedural Order FINAL
Scheduling Order FINAL

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