Emergency Operations Center

In the event of a large scale emergency, the Emergency Operations Center is activated to coordinate activities such as public official alerts, care and shelter, evacuation, search and rescue, resource mobilization and recovery. 

When activated, it is staffed by representatives from various city, regional and federal agencies, and non-profit and private-sector partners.

The EOC staff has access to weather information, the status of healthcare facilities, and streams of information from regional, state, and media partners. They use electronic incident management tools and integrated audio and visual technologies.

The EOC serves primarily as a base of operations for city officials to coordinate activities, while leaving the direct command of resources to emergency services and first responders on the scene.

The EOC also functions as a critical link with state and federal agencies during a catastrophic event.

The mobile EOC (MEOC) is used in the absence of a staging area for first responders during emergencies and special events.

The WebEOC system is used for information sharing.