Earth Day Planting Party


At Brightside, we are all about keeping our city clean and green so what better day of the year better to celebrate that mission than Earth Day! We encourage you, our army of volunteers, to use each Earth Day as an opportunity to pick up litter in your neighborhood, plant a tree, or care for the Earth that we all share in your own way.

Here's how Brightside has recently celebrated Earth Day:

2016:With the help of the Frankfort Avenue Business Association and CSX, we planted 20 trees in tree wells on Frankfort Avenue. On the same day, Mayor Greg Fischer signed the Climate Compact of Mayors, which committed Louisville to reducing its greenhouse gases!

2017: We planted 25 trees on Cypress Street in Parkland. (Through Community-Wide Planting Days in 2016 & 2017 and Earth Day 2017, we have planted over 320 trees in this area of Parkland.)

And in 2018, we will be working with volunteers to brighten up our Brightsites on Westport Road at the Watterson Expressway!