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Read the final Downtown Revitalization Team Action Plan.

Press release about the team's action plan.

The Downtown Revitalization Team is a group formed to determine new ways to bring people and businesses back downtown following declines in business heightened by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mayor Greg Fischer announced the creation of the Downtown Revitalization Team during his annual State of the City address, noting that downtown is the heart of Louisville, and a vibrant, healthy downtown is essential for any thriving city.

The Downtown Revitalization Team presented a plan on June 1, 2021, detailing ways that Louisville Metro Government, businesses and community partners will work together to bring people and businesses back downtown as the state lifts pandemic restrictions.

The plan focuses on clean and green efforts, safety, public infrastructure improvements, events, and marketing. The activities are divided into completion windows – 30 days, 60 to 90 days and 120 days-plus. Some measures will be dependent on financing through either Louisville Metro’s budget, American Rescue Plan stimulus funds or private dollars.

An advisory group will continue to work with the city and Louisville Downtown Partnership staff to focus on prioritizing and implementing recommendations as funding is secured.

Downtown Revitalization Team members

Downtown Revitalization Team charter


  1. Tourism, Convention Center, Parks, Hotels & Museums
  2. Marketing & Communications
  3. Events: Art, Music & Sports
  4. Commercial Occupiers (Office Tenants & Commercial Businesses)
  5. Residential Occupiers
  6. Small Businesses

In addition, a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee, with its members comprised of representatives of all other Committees, will work to ensure DE&I is embedded in the work of all other Committees. 

Remaining Committee Meeting Schedule (all meetings are scheduled for 3-4:30 p.m.):

  1. June 1 (final team read out)

Committee Report Out Meetings:

Committees will provide report outs to the Steering Committee during these meetings. This will provide additional Q&A time with the Steering Committee regarding goals, problem solving, implementation, and accountability. Committee chairs will structure the format of committee report outs. All Downtown Revitalization Team members are welcome to attend these meetings. 

Remaining Report Out Meeting Schedule (All meetings are scheduled for 1-1:45. Steering Committee will then convene from 1:45-2:30.):

  1. May 27 (final report out meeting)

January 29 Steering Committee:
Video (Access passcode: *xP3zCAq)

February 2 Steering Committee:
Video (Access passcode: isy.JAF6)

February 8 Downtown Revitalization Team:
Material & Presentations
Breakout Room Analysis
Video (Access passcode: cf5y4#UL)

February 12 Project Planning:

February 18 Steering Committee:

March 4 Steering Committee:

March 8 Downtown Revitalization Team:

March 18 equity training
Video (Access passcode: 0+N2r*.V)

March 22 Committee meetings

March 24 DE&I Committee

April 1 Steering Committee

April 5 Committee meetings
Video (Access passcode: L#sap3Zt)

April 14 DE&I meeting
Video (Access passcode: $23x5p=.)

April 15 Committee Report Out meeting
Video (Access passcode: gCva52.Y)

April 15 Steering Committee meeting
Video (Access passcode: JR?V38i+)

April 19 Committee meetings
Video (Access passcode: .HFDtjH7)

April 29 Committee Report Out meeting
Video (Access passcode: L!6h0F!K)

April 29 Steering Committee meeting
Video (Access passcode: $oKN7*$#)

May 3 Committee meetings
Video (Access passcode: j.6DS%&)

May 5 DE&I Committee meetings
Video (Access passcode: 6n9Fc5R#)

May 7 Special meeting of Events, Marketing/Communication, Tourism, Small Business
Video (Access passcode: wNMsrhA2)

May 13 Committee Report Out meeting
Meeting Packet
Video (Access passcode: uHzx4iS&)

May 13 Steering Committee meeting
Video (Access passcode: jJE8*nxk)

May 17 Downtown Revitalization Team:
Video (Access passcode: y9aUN%Lj)

May 27 Committee Report Out meeting
Meeting Packet
Video (Access passcode: P9u&Fqip)

May 27 Steering Committee meeting
Video (Access passcode: [email protected]@v#)

June 1 Final Meeting
Video (Access passcode: P6f.Jat.)

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