Permits are required to perform maintenance on a tree or plant a tree in the public right of way (typically located in the space between the sidewalk and the street). To obtain a permit, complete one of the applications below, email [email protected], or call Metro Call at 311. 
  • Planting Permit ApplicationA property owner wishing to plant a tree in the public right of way. 
  • Maintenance Permit Application - A property owner wishing to prune or remove a tree in the public right of way. 
  • Bulk Planting Permit Application - Individuals or organizations wishing to plant 10 or more trees on multiple properties at once need to submit a Bulk Permit Application. This application should be submitted at least 30 days prior to the scheduled planting date with all required information, including Third Party MOA for Planting Trees in the Public Right of Way.  Please use excel spreadsheet below in your application:
*Please email completed forms to [email protected] or mail to the Divsion of Community Forestry, 527 W. Jefferson St, Suite 606, Louisville, KY 40202
Need a DCF Arborist to assess a tree in the public right of way?  Please fill out the DCF Arborist Inspection Request Form
Need a Certified Arborist to inspect or perform maintenance in your trees? Jefferson County Cooperative Extension Service provides a Certified Arborist Directory for the convience of residencts in Jefferson County.  Please note---this list is not intended as a referral, but as an informational tool