Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need a permit to plant or prune a tree located in the public right of way? Yes, to obtain a permit, complete one of the forms, email [email protected], or call Metro Call at 311. Note: a pruning permit is not required when pruning less than 10% of canopy, nor is it required for clearance for cross visibility, pedestrians or traffic controls.
2. Where is the public right of way abutting my property?  The public right of way is the area from the street to the property line.  Often times, this is the area between the sidewalk and curb. One can look up their property using LOJIC Mapviewer  or contact the Division for clarification.
3. Do I need to remove the metal and burlap from a newly planted tree? Yes, removing the metal and burlap increases the tree’s chance of survival.  A minimum of 2/3 of the burlap must be removed if not able to remove entirety.
4. Does the Division inspect trees in parks or parkways? No, Metro maintained parks and parkways are under the jurisdiction of Metro Parks. They can be contacted at (502) 574-7275.
5. Does the Division inspect trees in front yards or back yards? We only inspect trees in the public right of way of Metro maintained roads and alleys. Not sure if the tree in question is in the public right of way? Please refer to Frequently Asked Question #2.
6. Does the Division plant on private properties?  We do not plant on private property.
7. Does the Division give away trees for free? Yes, the Division facilitates tree giveaways. Trees must be planted on private property within Jefferson County. Please look for announcements on our webpage for future tree giveaway dates.
8. What tree companies do you recommend? There are many qualified companies in the Metro area. Please get estimates from at least 3 different companies and ensure that they are state licensed, bonded, and insured. 
9. What if I see a tree company or individual removing, pruning, or planting a tree without a permit? Please contact the Division ASAP at 502-574-3927.
10. I live in a historic or preservation district, do I need a special permit to remove, plant or prune a tree in the public right of way?  No, only a permit is required from the Division.