Benefits of Trees

Planting trees is easy, but making sure they will grow and be around for many years takes a lot more work. If taken care of, trees can provide many benefits to residents and surrounding neighborhoods. 
Here’s how trees affect you every day:
  • Lower energy coststree
  • Increase property value
  • Increase business economy
  • Produce O2 and absorb CO2, thus reducing  climate change
  • Reduce heat island effects
  • Provide wildlife habitat
  • Reduce storm water runoff and soil erosion
  • Decrease noise
  • Reduce air pollution
  • Improve community health
  • Reduce crime
  • Promote civic pride
Fast Tree Facts:
  • Can reduce air conditioning needs by 30% and heating needs by 20-50% (USDA Forest Service).
  • Increase property values of homes by 5-20% (ISA).
  • Attract more shoppers in commercial retail areas (The Arbor Day Foundation).
  • Reduce stress within five minutes of visual exposure (Texas A & M University).
More websites on the benefits of trees: