Property Maintenance

All properties in Louisville Metro are required to be maintained to basic minimum standards for community health and well-being. Metro Codes & Regulations is responsible to enforce this code including responding to complaints, performing inspections, and issuing fines. It is not uncommon for a property that is an opportunity for redevelopment to carry some violations, fines, etc. Understanding how to address and rectify property maintenance code issues can make a seemingly unattractive property a very useful asset.

Department of Codes & Regulations

The Department of Codes & Regulations oversees many key functions including Property Maintenance enforcement, alcohol and liquor licensing, ground transportation, and the Office of Construction Review. The Codes & Regulations website includes information regarding all their services and information here:


Property Maintenance Code

All aspects of the Property Maintenance function of Codes & Regulations, including the Code itself, research tools, and other information can be found here:


When is a permit required for repair?

To resolve most Property Maintenance violations, the repairs can be quite simple from fixing or re-hanging a gutter, painting, replacing a window, or simply cutting the grass. In some cases, however, more repair is required such as rebuilding a deck, repairing a sagging roof, or shoring up a foundation.  In these more extreme cases a building permit may be required. The Office of Construction Review has prepared some basic information sheets on permitting and inspections here: