Land and Buildings

The use of a property is regulated by the zoning code (“Land Development Code”). This code also includes requirements for parking, landscaping, signage, as well as building sizes and locations.

Metro owned

Louisville Metro Government (LMG) owns many properties under various ownership scenarios, and which are variously available for private purchase and development. The most common ownership scenario are properties overseen by the Landbank Authority. There are also properties that LMG has used but no longer needs, and may be surplused and sold. The office most directly responsible for these is the Office of Community Development. Community Development also maintains an innovative web mapping tool to show available properties and provide strong search tools for research:


Privately owned

There are a variety of resources and real estate professionals to help you find the best site for your project. At Metro we have compiled an initial list of resources to assist with finding great commercial and industrial properties, as well as business parks, in Louisville Metro:…


Property Research

The Office of Community Development has compiled a great website for a variety of property related information, including research tools and other info.


Vacant Properties

Vacant Properties are a major community conversation at the moment – there are many of them and they have significant negative impacts on our neighborhoods. They also, however, provide unique opportunities for small scale redevelopment. Some are owned by Louisville Metro and are fairly accessible; many are privately owned. There are ways to initiate action to get them – from a private transaction to a public foreclosure process. Office of Community Development is the point agency on knowledge of these matters and can assist you as you consider these types of properties for your project.


Zoning and Building Status

Key attributes of a property that affect its redevelopment are its zoning designation and, if there is a building, its type and condition. Ideally a property has the proper zoning and a building in great condition to support your project, but if it was this easy someone else may have already got it!  Therefore as a developer you need to weigh the costs and benefits – of each property, specifically how much will it cost to get the property in the proper shape for the project. Knowledge of zoning and building codes will help you. 


Liens and violations

It is not uncommon for properties, particularly those in areas transitioning into new markets, to carry with them property maintenance code violations (tall grass, peeling paint, broken glass, etc) and liens or fines. The liens and fines may have been placed by Metro Government, as well as by other third party entities. For more information on potential property maintenance violations contact the Department of Codes & Regulations. Questions regarding Property Maintenance liens may be directed to the Office of Management and Budget, Accounts Receivable Division at (502) 574-3430. For third party liens you will need to contact those entities directly for resolution. It is highly recommended you do this research prior to purchasing the property.


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