Eviction Prevention

Eviction Prevention By The Numbers

Funds Distributed: $1,786,313.76  |  Residents Helped: 1,705  |  Applications Approved: 707

Read the August update on our Eviction Prevention efforts.

If you are an individual who can demonstrate that you’ve lost income due to COVID-19 and need financial assistance, contact any Neighborhood Place to apply for their Eviction Prevention Program by either calling (502) 977-6636 or visiting this website to set up an appointment to fill out an application.


Then, go to this website to email your landlord your declaration to resist eviction or to print a declaration with a pre-written cover letter to mail your landlord. Declarations are necessary to avoid eviction.


FHFA Eviction Moratorium Property Lookup Tools

Evictions in federally subsidized properties are frozen until at least Dec. 31, 2020. The Federal Housing Finance Administration (FHFA) announced on May 4, 2020, that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have developed online multifamily property lookup tools to help renters find out if they are living in units protected from evictions during the pandemic because the properties have federally-backed loans.   

Freddie Mac's Multifamily Loan Lookup Tool

Fannie Mae's Multifamily Loan Lookup Tool

Eviction Prevention COVID-19 Relief Fund

Increasing Housing Security  •  Preventing Evictions  •  Providing Relief

Eviction Prevention COVID-19 Relief Fund will being accepting grant applications as of Wednesday, July 1, 2020. Applicants must live within Louisville/Jefferson County.


Purpose of the Fund

Eviction Prevention COVID-19 Relief Fund is designed to prevent the anticipated wave of new eviction cases and aid low-to-moderate income households that are delinquent on rent payments as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Grant Program Funding

The City will designate up to $21.2 million in federal CARES funding for the Eviction Prevention COVID-19 Relief Fund.


Amount of Grants

Fund will pay for up to three months of rent for households facing COVID-related delinquencies.



Individual households earning at or below 80 percent of the area median income ($61,100 annually for a family of four) are eligible to receive rental assistance. Individual households should CLICK HERE FOR INFORMATION ON HOW TO APPLY.

Landlords of federal, state, or locally subsidized multi-family or single family units (i.e., LIHTC, CDBG, HOME Louisville Affordable Housing Trust Fund, Louisville CARES or to tenants that receive Section 8) may apply on behalf of multiple tenants, which streamlines the application process by eliminating the need for income verification.  

To be eligible, the landlord must:

  • Be currently registered on the Rental Registry.
  • Have no outstanding code violations for the property for which rent is being paid.
  • Waive all late fees, fines, and penalties.
  • Forgo evictions for assisted tenants for 60 days after assistance is provided.
  • Provide pre-COVID-19 rent rolls to document delinquency rates before and after the pandemic.


Grant Use

The funds may only be used to pay rent, and all payments will made directly to the landlord.


Application Process

Tenants seeking rental assistance should CLICK HERE FOR INFORMATION ON HOW TO APPLY.

Landlords of federal, state or locally subsidized units should APPLY HERE and should use the below guiding documents.

Landlord-Tenant Rental Assistance Worksheet

Assisted Multi-Family Properties Tenant Certification

HCV/Section 8 Multifamily Tenant Certification

Landlord-Tenant Rental Assistance Program Certification


Landlords who rent single family homes to tenants that receive Section 8 assistance, may apply for assistance for those tenants that are delinquent on their rent due to a COVID-19 related loss of income. APPLY HERE using the below guiding documents.

Section 8 Single Family Landlord Tenant Rental Assistance Worksheet

Sample Tenant Certification Form

Landlord-Tenant Rental Assistance Program Certification


For questions about the application, please contact (502) 574-3737.