Community Crosswalks Program

Crosswalk Art Installation_4th and Jefferson

Cities across the country have started to allow for more unique, community-inspired crosswalk treatments to be placed on their streets. Special crosswalk paving treatments can break the visual monotony of the asphalt and highlight crossings as an extension of the pedestrian realm. Creative crosswalks are a great way to showcase the culture and history of a neighborhood or serve as gateways to key civic, commercial and mixed-use areas. A recent study by Bloomberg Philanthropies even found that streets with pavement art saw 17% fewer total crashes and 50% fewer bike and pedestrian crashes where pavement art was present. 

In order to bring these low-cost safety benefits to Louisville, and to provide another tool to build strong neighborhoods and communities, Louisville Metro is proposing the creation of the Community Crosswalk program. The goal of this program is to allow for the installation of safe, cost efficient, and low maintenance painted crosswalks. Applicants may use white, monochromatic patterns to liven up an existing marked crosswalk on Metro owned streets and roads. All community crosswalk installations will need to be approved, at minimum, by Metro’s Department of Public Works. 


Eligible Applicants
  • Neighborhood Associations
  • Nonprofits
  • Business Groups
  • Metro Council Offices
  • Where no other eligible applicants exist, individuals with a letter of support from the relevant Metro Council Office.
When evaluating locations for special, painted crosswalks please follow these guidelines:


  • The proposed project must be on a Metro-owned street at a location with an existing crosswalk. 
  • The crosswalk must be at a location where a vehicle is already required to stop, either due to a stop sign or traffic signal. Other locations such as raised crosswalks, raised intersection, or crossings with enhanced pedestrian signals may be considered. 
  • Pavement must be in standard condition. 
  • To the extent possible, the crosswalk should be on the street with lower traffic volume and narrower width. This will help extend the life of the creative crosswalk, limit overall square footage, and minimize costs. 

Design Guidelines

  • The primary purpose of this program is to create a public benefit. Therefore, images that convey messages appearing to advertise or promote a private entity (corporation, neighborhood business, chamber of commerce, or other community organization) will not be accepted. No text or logos. 
  • Designs that could be confused with traffic signs or traffic pavement markings will not be accepted. 
  • Designs must stay inside the painted transverse lines of the existing crosswalk. 
  • Designs must maintain the white parallel bars, in continental or standard layout. 
  • The design should contribute to the visual quality of the streetscape. For example, consider using simple graphic images to avoid visual clutter. This will also minimize costs. All artwork should be original and a lead artist/designer should be responsible for designing the images.
Review Process
  • A designated Planner or Engineer with Louisville Metro Public works will review each application to determine each installation’s eligibility and appropriateness. 
  • Once DPW has approved of the designs feasibility, the application will be shared with the Office of Arts & Creative Industries within the Office of Advanced Planning and Sustainability for concurrence with the Commission on Public Art.
  • Notice must be sent to Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) for Metro streets that intersect with State-owned and maintained streets after Metro review. 


Installation Process
  • Once the design has been approved by the relevant groups within Metro and KYTC, the applicant must demonstrate community support for the installation. Community support can be demonstrated through any of the following: 
    • A signed petition by half of the residents and businesses along the block in all directions from the proposed installation.
    • A letter of support from the relevant Metro councilmember and a letter of support from the relevant neighborhood association (if one exists).
  • Once the design is approved and community support has been demonstrated, the appropriate permits for a temporary street closure will be required from Public Works. 
  • Community Crosswalks should use materials designed for outdoor use with non-slip additives that can reasonably be expected to last 3-5 years. Applicants are responsible for all costs associated with maintenance of the crosswalk. 
    • Metro reserves the right to remove or alter crosswalks installed through the community crosswalk program as part of street maintenance and repaving activities. 
    • Community Crosswalks removed through street maintenance and repaving activities will need to be reinstalled by the applicant.
  • Applicants must clean up and dispose of paint in an appropriate manner. Paint may not be disposed of in City storm drains, City sewers or waste containers.
  • Paint shall be applied in a precise, high-quality manner. Accidental spills paint drips and messy edges must be cleaned up. 


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