Juvenile Justice Advisory Committee





The Juvenile Justice Advisory Committee was established to provide a neutral forum for juvenile justice policy reform and promote collaboration among stakeholders and consensus decision-making. Members include local and state juvenile justice leaders, government officials, community partners, and those impacted by the juvenile justice system. The JJAC also serves as the steering committee for the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Juvenile Detention Alternative Initiative (JDAI) and the activities and recommendations of the JJAC are built upon validated, data-driven criteria and objective analysis as well as collaboration among stakeholders and consensus decision-making.


Juvenile Justice Community Conversation Series

At the end of FY19, JJAC members concluded a six part juvenile justice community conversation series which focused on 1). Providing information and data related to the juvenile justice system to community members 2). Gathering feedback from attendees related to feelings, attitudes, and experiences with the juvenile justice system 3). Identifying community members interested in juvenile justice reform and creating a pathway for them to advocate for changes in policy and practice . Staff completed a final report which included event outcomes and a summary of community recommendations. You can find the report here.



Beth McMahon, Metro Public Defender's Office

Chris Brown, Jefferson County Attorney's Office