Domestic Violence Prevention Coordinating Council


The documents for the October 22, 2020 meeting of the Domestic Violence Prevention Coordinating Council (DVPCC) are included below:

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The Domestic Violence Prevention Coordinating Council (DVPCC) was established through ordinance in 1996.  It was charged with the general purpose: to improve interagency cooperation and communication in the area of domestic violence and abuse; to promote effective prevention, intervention, and treatment techniques which is developed based upon research and data collection; and to improve the response to domestic violence and abuse so as to reduce incidents thereof. 

Members of the Council are appointed by the Louisville-Jefferson County Metro Mayor.  Membership of the Council includes the elected leaders and policy makers within the local criminal justice system, citizens, treatment providers, legislators, social service providers, attorneys, domestic violence and sexual assault victim program providers, medical professionals, etc.  The Council meets approximately four times a year.  To assist the Council in its work, ongoing committees have been formed.

  • The Interagency Committee:  This Committee was set up to serve as a tool for ongoing information sharing, problem-solving, and to assist in program research and development.  Members the Committee are the prosecutors, detectives, victim advocates, judges, service providers, etc. who work on this issue on a day-to-day basis.  During meetings, members discuss problems within the system and work together to find solutions.  New ideas for programs are considered and methods for implementation are examined.
  • The Fatality Review Committee:  The purpose of the Fatality Review Committee is to identify areas and means by which to increase and enhance coordinated agency and community responses to domestic violence through a systems-review approach by conducting multidisciplinary and multi-agency examinations of domestic violence fatalities.  Members of this Committee are those with information to share regarding a particular incident, including, social services reports, court documents, police records, autopsy reports, mental health records, hospital or medical related data, and any other information that may have a bearing on the case under review.
  • Community Assessment Steering Committee: This Committee was onvened to facilitate the prioritization and implementation of the recommendations provided in the Community Assessment Report. 

To view The Louisville Metro System Response to Domestic Violence: Assessment, Evaluation, and Recommendations Report click here.                      

To view the 2017-2018 Fatality Review Committee Report click here



Amy Hess, Co-Chair, Chief of Public Safety, Louisville Metro Government

Ellie Kerstetter, Co-Chair

Greg Fischer, Mayor Louisville Metro Government

Dwayne Clark, Director, Louisville Metro Corrections Department

Judge Angela Bisig, Chief Judge, Jefferson Circuit Court

Judge Anne Haynie, Chief Judge, Jefferson District Court

Judge Tara Hagerty, Chief Judge Jefferson Family Court

Thomas Wine, Jefferson County Commonwealth's Attorney

Mike O’Connell, Jefferson County Attorney

Dan Fountain, Director, Kentucky Probation and Parole

Leo Smith, Director, Louisville/Jefferson County Public Defender Corporation

President David James, President of Metro Council 

David L. Nicholson, Jefferson Circuit Court Clerk

Col. John Aubrey, Jefferson County Sheriff

Tina Ward-Pugh, Director, Louisville Metro Office for Women

Dr. Ursula Mullins, Louisville Metro Youth Detention Services

Crystal Wilder, Cabinet for Families and Children, Adult Protective Services

Elizabeth Wessels-Martin, President, Center for Women and Families

Leo Hobbs, Court Ordered Batterers Program

Bert Guinn, Jefferson County Medical Society;

Dr. Joe Bargione, Jefferson County School Board           

Jeffrey Donohue, Jefferson County Legislative Delegation

Dr. William Ralston, State Medical Examiner

Barbara Weakley-Jones, Jefferson County Coroner

Pam Darnall, Family & Children’s Place

Marcia Roth, Community Assessment Steering Committee Chair

Shelley Santry, Citizen Representative

Karina Barillas, La Casita Center 

Patti Klika, Commonwealth Sign

Shannon Derrick, Citizen Representative

James Wilkerson, Citizen Representative

Jerry Bowles, Fatality Review Committee Co-Chair

Nicole Carroll, Interagency Committee Co-Chair

Ingrid Geiser, Interagency Committee Co-Chair


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